October 15, 20200

CBD Bath Bombs Are Here!

You and l have both scrolled through the perfected Instagram snapshots of women soaking in fresh florals and colored bathwater. Bath bombs are a must-have, it seems — but maybe

October 15, 20200

A Holistic Alternative

CBD is a holistic alternative to more dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals. One of the most attractive qualities of CBD is that it comes from nature and doesn’t need pesticides to

October 15, 20200

Meditation and CBD

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around seemingly since the dawn of man. Developed in India between 5,000 to 3500 BCE – meditation is a method of quieting

October 15, 20200

CBD for cats and dogs

Let’s face it, we love our cats and dogs, and most pet owners would do just about anything to keep their loyal best friends healthy and feeling well. However, our furry

October 1, 20200

CBD for discomfort

In 2020 we have a natural alternative that is non-habit forming and mild. CBD topicals like Leanna Organics CBD salve work right away to ease discomfort. This is important because