3 Tips for Calming Your Dog

Do you have a dog? Jake Gyllenhaal has two, and just like humans, dogscan sometimes be bothered. However, unlike humans, it’s difficult to talk adog down – they just don’t speak the same language. If your dog gets bothered once in a while and you’re in desperate need of tips on how to calm them down, here are a few suggestions from Leanna Organics that just might do the trick.

Have You Tried Playing Soothing Music?
Music can have an incredibly calming effect on humans, and research has shown that it can do the same for dogs. Soft rock and reggae music has been shown to reduce dogs’ heart rates, cortisol levels, and ameliorate other symptoms of stress. If your dog has trouble during thunder storms or isn’t comfortable when you’re not at home, try playing soothing music.

Do You Exercise Your Dog Enough?
Dogs don’t always act rambunctious or nervous because they’re worried.Sometimes they simply have more energy than they’re able to burn off with their daily walk. Exercise has similar calming effects on dogs to those it has on humans, and they can be calmed down by going for a run, playing fetch, or some other activity that allows them to burn off excess energy.

Is Your Dog Over-Stimulated?
When there’s too much going on around the house, your dog can be overstimulated and start feeling stressed. Maybe you’re moving and you have several people coming in and out, or maybe you’re having a party and all the new, interesting people and smells are just too much for your dog to handle on their own. If you think this is the case, put your dog in a quiet, soothing room where there’s less external stimulation; you can also put some of your clothing in there to help soothe them with your scent.

Leanna Organics Can Also Help

At Leanna Organics, we provide 100% organic CBD products for humans and pets who may be feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed. Our pet tinctures include 100% pure hemp-derived CBD, coconut oil, and beef flavoring (to help make your dog want to take their medicine). You can apply Leanna Organics CBD tincture to your dog’s food, or directly into their mouth. CBD has been shown to help people and animals calm down whenthey’re feeling nervous, and when soothing music, a quiet place, or exercise just aren’t working, our pet CBD tincture may be the answer.

Like people, dogs can get nervous, stressed, and over-stimulated. If you want to calm your dog, try Leanna Organics CBD pet tincture.