Full-Spectrum CBD Versus CBD Isolate

Suppose you are new to CBD products, you probably want to know the difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

CBD oil comes in two main forms – full spectrum CBD oil and CBD oil derived from an isolate.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD contains most of the compounds that occur in the cannabis plant. These compounds include terpenes, flavonoids, as well as CBN, CBG, and CBC. Because these terpenes and flavonoids are present, the smell and taste of the plant are noticeable. Studies have found that cannabinoids have a synergistic effect when they are taken together. Full-spectrum CBD is known as a whole plant remedy.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It also has the highest concentration of cannabidiol, at a level of 99%. Most of Leanna Organics products, including all our topicals, are made with CBD isolate. We wanted to get the most CBD in our product, and because working with isolated molecules of CBD removes the smell and taste of the plant, this allows us to control the scent of our products.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD isolate is processed from industrial hemp in a wide variety of methods. Typically, supercritical C02 or ethanol-based extraction methods are used. Fats, lipids, waxes, impurities, and unwanted plant particles are removed to give you the 99% pure CBD isolate product that arrives at you, the consumer. Regardless of the extraction method used, Leanna Organics third-party tests all CBD for cannabinoid levels, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

At first glance, there might not be much difference between CBD oil from isolate and full-spectrum CBD. However, CBD isolate has many different benefits:

  1. While it is currently impossible to remove all THC from the hemp plant, CBD isolate removes 99.9% of more of the THC. Versus Full-spectrum CBD has .3% THC or less.
  2. Not only does CBD isolate work well in food or drinks, but it can also be consumed in a wide variety of ways, including vaporizing.
  3. CBD isolate is the easiest way to add to your favorite recipe. It is versatile, and because it is tasteless and odorless, it is excellent to cook with!
CBD isolate is 99.9% or more CBD molecules. It is a tasteless and odorless powder that makes CBD oil and more.

CBD isolate is used in a wide variety of topicals, oils, and products designed for internal use. It is ultimately the safest way to consume CBD if you don’t want to worry about consuming THC. In some extraction situations, CBD isolate is purer than some full-spectrum CBD products, depending upon how the CBD was initially sourced.

What Are the Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD is a “whole-plant” remedy that includes other cannabinoids besides CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD products are also popular. Even though full-spectrum CBD tends to contain around .3% THC, this is nowhere near enough of the chemical compound necessary to produce a “high.” There are also some additional cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD that have benefits:


  • CBCCBDV, CBG are cannabinoids that potentially have properties and can support various systems within the body.
  • CBN is another cannabinoid that can potentially support calm within the body.


Full-spectrum CBD contains vitamins, essential fats, and proteins that positively affect the various systems within your body. CBD isolate, while just as effective as full-spectrum CBD, often does not have these vitamins and minerals that are found in full-spectrum CBD

Legal Implications for Full-Spectrum CBD

If you live in a state where cannabis is heavily regulated, CBD isolate might be a preferred version of cannabis to use. While full-spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, it is not likely to show up on a drug test. However, there is a chance that it might, so in this situation, CBD isolate might be the right choice.

CBD Isolate Versus Full-Spectrum CBD: Which Should I Use?

Clinical trials and studies have indicated that both CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD have mind and body benefits. We have found that people who have experience with the cannabis plant respond well to full-spectrum, and those who are new to CBD and the cannabis plant prefer CBD isolate based products. Some are very sensitive to THC, even at .3% or less. For people

with high sensitivity to THC and who are new to cannabis, we recommend products made from CBD isolate – which is all of our products except our full-spectrum CBD oil.

Some people will work with CBD isolate after using full-spectrum CBD for quite some time and find that it meets their needs. Ultimately, you should choose based upon your best experience.

What About Broad-Spectrum CBD?

There is another type of CBD that lies between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD is another type that appears in the marketplace. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all of the materials of the original plant, but the THC has been mostly removed. Broad-spectrum CBD uses many of the extraction processes for CBD isolate to extract the THC, but at the end of the day, the useful parts of the plant are kept.

Leanna Organics has full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products!

While CBD comes from the cannabis plant, industrial hemp is non-intoxicating.

Whether you are looking for a full-spectrum CBD product or a CBD isolate product, Leanna Organics can be your trusted advisor and provider. At Leanna Organics, we have CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD available for you in a wide variety of forms. Here are some of the product categories that we carry that you might find beneficial:

  • CBD Wellness: These are CBD products that include CBD oil, CBD salves for discomfort, and bath bombs. All products are made with CBD isolate except our full-spectrum CBD oil.
  • CBD for Skin Care: In this line of CBD products, you can find body cream, lip balm, face cream, and eye serum, and more. All made from CBD isolate.
  • CBD for Pets: We have CBD oils from isolate and full-spectrum that you can drip onto your pet’s favorite food or treats. We also have CBD biscuits that are delicious and premeasured for ease.


All of our products are made with love in small batches at our shop in Westminster, CO!

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