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CBD for internal use

CBD oil

Leanna Organics CBD oil tincture

CBD for internal use is CBD consumed into the body in some way. What makes CBD unique is that it can be used for total body care and has many application types. But to get the benefits of Cannabidiol inside of your body, it must get into the bloodstream. How? That is for you to choose. For example, CBD oil should be used sublingually. Under tongue offers the most bioavailability. Also, CBD oil is convenient and discreet, so many users prefer it. But that is only one option.

CBD isolateCBD isolate is a tasteless and odorless powder.

CBD isolate is an odorless and tasteless powder. Mix it into food, drinks, and it can be vaporized. Our CBD isolate comes in a 1-gram jar. This isolate should be used over a 2-4-week period and not all at once. Unlike CBD oil that has measurement on the dropper, CBD isolate doesn’t come with measurement assistance out of the box. But measurement spoons are available on Amazon and other retail/online stores. We recommend starting between 5-25 mg per serving. CBD isolate provides many ways to consume CBD for internal use.

Smoking and vaporizing CBD

The most bioavailable way to consume CBD is through inhaling it. CBD hemp flower looks and smells like Marijuana, but it is not intoxicating. Leanna Organics does not sell hemp flower yet, but we are looking into it. Are you looking for the best way to take CBD for internal use? It must be vaporizing it. We recommend Puffco Peak. Or if that is too much the Puffco Plus. There are many options of vaporizers, and you can also use a dab rig and torch. You will feel almost euphoric when you vaporize CBD isolate, yet it is 99.99% CBD molecules.

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