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The powerful 1-2 combination of CBD and massage will relax you like nothing else! The skin is the largest organ in our bodies and is ripe with CBD receptors. So a nice relaxing massage is not only the perfect way to unwind but an excellent delivery method for CBD. CBD for massage will take your massage therapy to the next level. Because CBD mimics compounds that our bodies make naturally. CBD has a calming and comforting effect when rubbed in topically.

Leanna Organics massage oil

Our CBD for massage line is made with a hand-selected assortment of organic oils. A list of superstar oils that help repair and protect the skin. Such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba. All Leanna Organics CBD products are infused with hemp-derived, third-party tested CBD. So we are sure you will have the most relaxing massage of your life when you add Leanna Organics to your massage routine.

Leanna Organics massage oil

CBD is for people who care about what goes in and into their bodies. It is safe and comes from nature. So we do not have to be concerned about harming ourselves in the pursuit of relief when using CBD. CBD can help you live a more holistic life. Because it is a natural relaxant that can help with discomfort. Being less bogged down by unease can help us be more active.

Add the power of CBD to your massage today. Click below to see the details of our 4oz and 8oz massage oils, or check out our FREE CBD samples.

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