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Many are excited about the potential for CBD for skincare. The skin is the largest organ in the body and CBD can be applied directly to it. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a network of neurons that connects all of the systems in the body including the skin. Because of this CBD molecules bind to CB2 receptors in the skin and the balancing effects of CBD realized.

Leanna Organics CBD red rose body cream

The star of our CBD skincare line is Leanna Organics CBD body cream. We guarantee that our body cream will be the best moisturizer you have ever used. A creamy organic moisturizer that feels luxurious and smells divine. Coupled with hemp-derived Colorado-grown CBD. CBD’s powerful ability to fight free radicals in addition to essential oils selected for their skincare properties makes our body cream the next level of natural beauty and self-care.

Leanna Organics CBD lip balm
Leanna Organics Strawberry CBD lip balm

The skin covers all of the body. Each part of our bodies requires different care. For example, the lips with their sensitive skin require a balm that moisturizes and protects. As opposed to the feet where a thick creamy moisturizer is more appropriate. Or why not treat your entire skin at once with Leanna Organics CBD bath bomb?

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