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Try Leanna Organics CBD for congestion line today. Our CBD vapor rub is made fresh with love in our shop in Westminster CO. So you know you will always be getting a rub that is made with fresh ingredients and care. What makes CBD unique is that there are many ways to engage with it – topicals, oral, rubs, masks, etc. This is because CBD receptors are located throughout the body including the skin.

Leanna Organics CBD vapor rub
Leanna Organics CBD vapor rub

The endocannabinoid system is the network of neurons that CBD binds to. It runs throughout the central nervous system and immune system, but its receptors are located all over the body. CBD works because it mimics compounds that our bodies make naturally that deteriorate over time. Cannabinoids are the class of molecules that CBD belongs to. They are found in nature in the cannabis plant, and they are made internally by all mammals. The internal version of cannabinoids is called endo-cannabinoids.

Leanna Organics CBD vapor rub

We challenge you to try the calming and balancing benefits of CBD. Our CBD for congestion vapor rub is available in 2 oz with 250 mg of CBD. Just rub a little on your chest. A little bit goes a long way. Or you can try one of Leanna Organics CBD samples below for FREE!

Click below to check out Leanna Organics CBD vapor rub or to get a FREE CBD sample of our salve or body cream.

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