Leanna Organics CBD samples


Leanna Organics CBD samples are now available for our CBD salve, CBD body cream, CBD foot cream, and full-spectrum CBD oil!

At Leanna Organics, we believe CBD is the future of skincare and wellness. Due to its natural, non-addictive, and non-toxic qualities, we think CBD will be the choice of consumers who have become fed up with inaccessible, addictive solutions that harmful to organs.

We are now offering FREE samples. Try Leanna Organics CBD samples today!


  •  Limit 1 per household
  • Just cover shipping cost – $2.25
  • CBD salve and CBD Body Cream available
  • Enough for 2-3 applications
  • Our CBD salve is a topical ointment.
  • Our CBD Body cream is a thick organic moisturizer.
  • Our full-spectrum CBD oil is an oil meant to be taken sublingually. 4-6 measurements which equate to 40-50mg total CBD.
  • Our CBD foot cream is a thick organic moisturizer that will help with foot discomfort.
  • Scent selection not available

Balance your EndoCannabinoid system with Leanna Organics CBD samples of our CBD body cream and CBD salve!

All CBD is 100% hemp-derived and ships with 3rd party testing

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