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CBD oil for pets

Leanna Organics CBD oil for pets, an effective and natural way to help our pets feel less discomfort and to reduce the effects of separation nervousness. CBD is a mild and natural relaxant. Dogs and cats respond even quicker than humans to CBD. Give your pet CBD oil every day for three weeks and discover the mind and body balancing benefits of this compound that comes from nature.

Our CBD oil for pets combines organic coconut oil with third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD. Drip the oil onto your pet’s food or your favorite treat. Or the oil can even go directly into their mouth. We have found that both cats and dogs love the beef broth flavor.

Pets under 25 lb can start with 250mg. If your pet is between 26-50 lb, get our 500 mg. Lastly, if your pet is over 50 pounds, get the 1000 mg CBD oil. Start at .25ml. Give them this measurement daily for three weeks before increasing. If it is a much larger animal or if something specific and serious addressed, you can add more. Daily measurement of .25ml per day will equal a full thirty-day supply.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system – the internal network of neurons that CBD binds. CBD is nicknamed “swiss-army-knife” because of its ability to help with so many concerns. Unlike humans, animals can’t easily communicate what troubles them. Giving CBD to your pet can help them find a natural balance.

Available in 250 / 500 / 1000 mg CBD

Balance your pet’s endocannabinoid system with Leanna Organics CBD!

100% Hemp-derived CBD – .03% THC or LESS – all orders ship with a certificate of analysis

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