CBD dog treats
Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits
Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits
Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits

Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits


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Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits

Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits are an easy and tasty way to help your pet experience less discomfort and nervousness. If you are looking for a treat that your dog will love, look no further. Our biscuits, made with whole wheat flour, peanut butter, honey, and eggs, are both delicious and nutritious. We have found that most dogs love these biscuits, which makes giving CBD to your pet straightforward and uncomplicated. Our CBD biscuits are available for small dogs and large dogs. We took the guesswork out of the measurement of CBD and put it on a delightful cookie that dogs universally love!

CBD is a mild and natural relaxant that will calm a puppy that is too hyper, and mellow dogs who experience separation angst. If your best friend is experiencing problems with joints or discomfort, our CBD dog biscuits will help them move with more ease and be less uncomfortable.

Available bag sizes

Our CBD dog biscuits come in two strengths; 150 mg bag with 30 treats (5 mg per) for $19.99, and for larger dogs, we recommend the 300 mg bag with 30 treats (10 mg per) for $29.99.

Recommended serving

CBD is safe and non-toxic, but dogs are responsive to CBD, so it is essential not to give your best friend too much. We recommend giving your pet Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits once per day or as needed to address nervousness and discomfort. Consistency is the key to CBD, so it is vital to give your dog at least one treat per day. Since CBD to known to relax dogs, it is a good idea to give your furry friend our CBD biscuits at night before bed to help them sleep. For older pets and those with more severe problems, we recommend giving them three CBD biscuits per day in the morning, afternoon, and night. If you give your dog too much CBD, the worst that can happen is they will become nauseous.

What to expect when giving your dog CBD biscuits

All dogs are different, so how many biscuits you give your dog per day will vary based on the weight and health of your dog. But canines universally respond to CBD. It will relax a puppy or dog that overly nervous and agitated, and it will make more manageable aches and discomfort for an injured or older dog. You will notice a difference in how your dog moves and or their disposition in 2-3 weeks. We put thirty CBD biscuits in our bags, which will last a full thirty days in your give one biscuit per day to your dog. Be sure to give your pet CBD with regularity!

Grown from industrial hemp – .03% THC or less – All order ship with third-party test results

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Our CBD biscuits are infused with 100% hemp-derived CBD, whole wheat flour, corn syrup, vegetable shortening, peanut butter, honey, eggs, and whey.


We recommend giving your dog a CBD biscuit once per day, at night is the best time. For pets who are older or have more serious issues, we recommend three treats per day. Do not exceed four per day.

WARNING: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.


  • Use only as directed
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Keep out of reach of children

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4 reviews for Leanna Organics CBD dog biscuits

  1. Marybeth

    My pup loves these dog biscuits! They’re his favorite

  2. Ashlee Duerr

    My dog, a picky eater, LOVES these treats! He knows what the bag opening sounds like and comes running from wherever he is in the house to get his CBD treat. My dog has needed cbd oil for anxiety in the past and these types of products help him tremendously!

    • leannaorganics

      Thank you for your feedback, Ashlee!

  3. Delanie Rae (verified owner)

    My dog has horrible separation anxiety and these really ground him while I’m gone 💙

    • leannaorganics

      Thank you for your feedback Delanie!

  4. Kaydee (verified owner)

    My best friends dog has lots of pain in his back legs. She’s tried many different CBD products for him before but nothing seemed to work that well. I ordered her these CBD biscuits and not only does he LOVE them but he noticeably isn’t limping or in pain when he takes them! Super amazing and I’m so happy to have found a product that helps his precious little self so much!

    • leannaorganics

      Thank you for your feedback Kaydee, we really appreciate it!

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