What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil

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Hemp oil comes from hemp seeds. CBD only comes from a fully mature cannabis plant.

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

Before the cannabis plant was outlawed in 1937, you could find cannabis oil derived from both hemp and marijuana at your local apothecary. In fact, “There were at least 2000 cannabis medicines prior to 1937, produced by over 280 manufacturers.” Cannabis oil was a prevalent remedy that many people relied on for wellness. Fast forward to 2020 and once again you see cannabis oil available everywhere, from online to gas stations and health food stores. 


Now we have a safer and a physically non-addictive alternative in the form of medical marijuana (in states where legal), and CBD hemp. But, what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? While they are often mistaken for the same thing, they are actually from different sources.

Hemp Oil

While there is still much controversy about the cannabis plant and the best way to utilize it, companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are making it worst by misinforming their consumers.


Hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds, and therefore does not contain any of the magical compound that is changing the world – CBD.


Amazon doesn’t let you sell CBD on its platform, and Google and Facebook do not allow you to advertise CBD on their social media platforms. When you search CBD on Amazon, it shows hemp oil listings instead. So many companies are merely calling their CBD “hemp oil.” Fair enough, this is business, and mislabeling the product gets it in the hands of people who may need it. However, this creates problems for consumers because many other companies are selling hemp oil with no CBD on the same platforms. This is creating an environment where the consumer is being deceived, buying products that are mislabeled, and misleading. If you are researching what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, be cautious of Facebook ads, Google ads, and any “hemp oil” product on Amazon as they may not contain any CBD.

Leanna Organics hemp oil vs CBD oil

Hemp oil does not include any cannabinoids such as CBD

Leanna Organics CBD oil

CBD oil comes only from a fully mature cannabis plant, while hemp oil comes from hemp seeds


CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound that has similar molecular structures to endocannabinoids which are internally made within all mammals. The reason CBD works is because of this – it mimics compounds that our bodies make naturally. But you can’t get CBD from hemp seeds… CBD only comes from a fully mature cannabis plant. At the end of its life, the plant will produce buds, and inside those buds, cannabinoids are manufactured. The difference between hemp oil and CBD oil comes down to cannabinoids. You can’t get cannabinoids from hemp oil. Hemp oil does not carry cannabinoids.

CBD and other cannabinoids are not present in hemp oil

Hemp seeds are nutritious. The are great for your skin. They contain all of the amino acids and are a great source of protein. A true superfood. But they do not contain any CBD. Cannabinoid therapy is about replacing internally produced cannabinoids with phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids produced in a plant). If there are no cannabinoids present, there is no source for therapy. Which is why hemp seeds wouldn’t suffice for cannabinoid therapy, they don’t contain phytocannabinoids like the cannabis plant.


At Leanna Organics, we absolutely refuse to mislabel our products because some are uncomfortable with the word CBD as opposed to hemp oil. The cannabis plant has been around for 12,000 + years – there has never been a confirmed overdose or death from the plant. There are tons of evidence-based research that proves the efficiency of CBD for wellness. What is actually happening is the effects of a failed war on drugs that dragged the harmless cannabis plant into the category of more dangerous substances. Even with THC removed, the effects of the stigma remains. We are working against those stigmas to provide the truth about CBD products.

The cannabis plant is safe and non-toxic.


CBD is a non-toxic and non-addictive remedy that originates from mother nature. The reason why it has become so popular is that it works! Millions of people now use it every day to assist with discomfort, nervousness, and to live a more balanced life. It is mild and natural. Unlike pharmaceuticals that mask symptoms and put you out of touch with your body, CBD puts you more in tune. You will still feel what bothers you whether it is discomfort or nervousness, but it will become more manageable.


Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google will come around eventually. More than likely, they are being paid to reject CBD, or maybe they genuinely are unaware and don’t realize they are creating a climate of confusion for their customers. However, Leanna Organics stands on the side of truth. The cannabis plant is safe, and inside the buds of the mature hemp plant, there is magic, and that is what we sell.

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