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Learn about our Third-Party CBD testing


THC-Free, Hemp-derived, 3rd party tested, 99.99% pure CBD, non-intoxicating, 30 day money back guarantee


Leanna Organics CBD isolate is up to 99.99% pure CBD. The most potent CBD powder available!


Leanna Organics' CBD isolate is organically grown and processed*. It is rigorously third-party tested, guaranteeing the absence of THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

Our isolate is a tasteless, odorless powder boasting up to 99.99% CBD molecules.

The versatility of our CBD isolate sets it apart from other Leanna Organics' products. It can seamlessly integrate into a variety of consumables, from foods and drinks to smoothies. For those inclined, it can be vaped or incorporated into skincare routines and more.

The isolate's potency is substantial, offering 1000 MG of CBD, allowing for a generous 33 MG daily intake. Leanna Organics suggests an initial serving of 8-16 MG, providing a customizable experience based on individual needs.

Whether morning, afternoon, or night, this adaptable product complements various daily routines.

We're dedicated to providing the purest option available, ensuring your wellness journey is supported by nature's finest cannabinoids.



"I have tried dozens of other CBD isolates, and I can tell you 100% that Leanna Organics is the best I have tried. It works immediately and helps me when I feel overwhelmed. I like to vaporize it; it seems to work best that way. But I also add some to my teas and drinks at times. I am a big fan of Leanna Organics; their customer service and products are top-notch!” – Tyler.

THC Free, Pesticide Free, Solvent/Heavy-Metal free





●       Purity and Potency: Our CBD isolate boasts up to 99.99% pure CBD molecules, ensuring a potent and focused experience.

●       Versatility: This odorless and tasteless powder seamlessly integrates into various consumables, from foods, shakes, juices, and smoothies.

●       Third-Party Tested: Rigorous testing guarantees the absence of THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents, ensuring premium quality CBD isolate.

●       Precise Measurement: With 1000 MG of CBD isolate, you can tailor your intake to a convenient 33 MG per day, aligning with your preferences.





●        Balanced Wellness: Experience holistic well-being through the interconnectedness of body and mind.

●        Adaptable Usage: Incorporate CBD isolate into your routine in diverse ways, supporting your unique lifestyle.

●        Confidence in Quality: Trust in a product free from impurities, thanks to rigorous third-party testing.

●        Personalized Experience: Tailor your intake for your specific needs, offering a reliable and customizable wellness solution.






 “Natural relief! I am always pleasantly surprised how I am calmer shortly after using Leanna's Isolate. It doesn't get me high; I feel normal but calmer, allowing me to think more clearly and/or rest. I am definitely going to buy this again.” – Stephanie Delacy.

Not tested on animals, free shipping over $75, non GMO





All CBD is made from industrial hemp - .3% THC or less

Ships with a third-party certificate of analysis.

30-day Money Back Guarantee.



*CBD isolate must go through post-extraction processes which may take it out of the organic classification. However, we use natural solvents and third-party tests our CBD isolate for residual solvents. 




100% hemp-derived Colorado-grown CBD.



The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding before using any Leanna Organics product.



Insert the desired measurement of CBD into food or drink. You can also smoke or vaporize CBD isolate.



18 months from purchase date.



Use as directed

Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort occurs

Keep out of reach of children









Our isolate has 1000 MG of CBD in the glass jar. Depending on how much you user per day, you should get 1-2 months supply of isolate.




We recommend starting with 8-16 MG. However, you can take CBD multiple times per day. Consistency is vital when taking CBD. So, rather than consuming a bunch of CBD at once, focus on building it into a daily routine. After 3-4 weeks, you can increase your measurement of CBD by going up to 20 MG or more per serving.




For the easiest way to measure your CBD isolate serving, Leanna Organics sells a 10-15 MG spoon for only $1.99. Our isolate-based CBD comes in a 1000 MG jar, and we typically recommend starting at 8-16 MG of CBD. Therefore, you can consume your CBD multiple times daily and get a 3–4-week supply from our 1000 MG isolate.




The primary difference is that full-spectrum CBD has other cannabinoids besides CBD. Isolate is isolated molecules of CBD, and it comes in powder form that is tasteless and odorless. There is no chance of intoxication with isolate-based CBD. Therefore, the isolated version of CBD is better for those concerned about THC.




It is a CBD powder of isolated molecules of CBD with no other active ingredients. It is a tasteless, odorless and can easily be added to your favorite foods and drinks. Our CBD isolate is hemp-derived which means there will be no intoxication or "high" when consuming.


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  • 5

    Posted by Mechlo Marroquin on 12th Jul 2022

    I love Leanna Organics CBD isolate! I use to as needed to help me feel calm. Recently I got off pharmaceuticals and this isolate has helped with some of the withdrawal issues.

  • 5
    The best isolate I've tried

    Posted by Tyler on 10th Jan 2022

    "I have tried dozens of other CBD isolates and I can tell you 100% that Leanna Organics is the best I have tried. It works immediately and helps me when I feel overwhelmed. I like to vaporize it, it seems to work best that way. But I also add some to my teas and drinks at times. I am a big fan of Leanna Organics, their customer service and products are top-notch!

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    natural relief!

    Posted by Stephanie DeLacy on 25th Jun 2020

    I've had anxiety and depression my whole life, which I've been treating with medicine for 10 years now. But from time to time, I have crippling anxiety where I can't do much other than lay in my bed and watch TV. I also have times that I can't fall asleep for 6-8 hours of laying in bed. Having tried Xanax, Klonopin, Nyquil, and other brands of CBD, for all of these things, and never feeling even slightly different, I was skeptical about Isolate. The first time I used it, I was having a lot of anxiety and on the verge of tears, and after about an hour, I noticed that I had been feeling better. But I wanted to keep trying it in case there's was a placebo effect. I've used it 10 times since then and every time I feel better immediately. I've used it during the day when I am too anxious to focus and I've used it before bed, and both have worked very well. I am always pleasantly surprised that I noticed how I was calmer, shortly after using Leanna's Isolate. It doesn't get me high; I feel normal but just like someone took out my anxiety from my brain, allowing me to think more clearly and/or fall asleep. I am definitely going to buy this again. And I probably a second one to have in my purse in case my anxiety flairs up while I'm out and about.