Leanna Organics CBD salve is a topical ointment infused with a large measurement of third-party tested CBD. Applied directly to the skin, it releases discomfort and remedies skin issues. Our CBD extracts are the highest quality hemp grown in Colorado. Furthermore, we use ingredients in our CBD skin salve that penetrates the skin for a more profound relief. As a result, our CBD salves are calming to the body and will help you recover. They are all-natural and potent. A plant-based remedy that is a gift from Mother Earth.

We offer four attractive scents of our salve; cooling eucalyptus, earthy lemongrass, fruity grapefruit, and tea tree scented natural aroma.

Additionally, we have five potent strengths of our hemp salve. Our 500 MG CBD salve is in a 2 oz tin. It is a good starting place for those who want to try CBD for the first time. 500 MG of hemp extracts is a lot of CBD in a little 2 oz tin and will help with many issues. Our 1000 MG, 2000 MG, 4000 MG, and 5000 MG CBD salve come in a 4oz jar. They’re packed with a bountiful serving of CBD extracts to address even the most challenging problems!



“I have used 1000 mg CBD salve for the past six months for my hips. I have found this product effective, and I don't plan to ever be without it! It makes my life better.” – Betty Adams



CBD oil salves work instantly to address body discomfort






Leanna Organics CBD salve is made by hand in small batches, using only organic ingredients. Our salve is the industry’s purest and most potent CBD topical salve and is available in many incredible organic scents like Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Natural. We only source the purest ingredients and use Colorado-grown hemp for our CBD skin salve. Colorado has the most mature hemp program and is the Mecca of hemp. Therefore, when using Leanna Organics CBD body salve, you can be assured of the purest and highest quality CBD available.

You don’t have to worry about nasty ingredients like fragrances and other chemicals when using our salve. The natural and holistic principal of skincare and wellness guides us. Therefore, our scents are natural essential oil aromas like Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. We even use sustainable packaging because protecting Mother Earth is one of our core values.



Leanna Organics' 1000 mg CBD salve




Leanna Organics CBD is sourced from local Colorado hemp farms, is .3% or less THC, and is produced with the highest safety and consistency standards. All of Leanna Organic’s CBD is tested by independent 3rd party laboratories to ensure optimal cannabinoid levels and that our CBD is free of all pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful or unnatural elements. All shipments receive a copy of our latest third-party certificate of analysis. Because of this, when using our CBD topical salve, you are using the purest and most potent CBD balm available! We offer five powerful strengths; try our 4000 MG CBD salve to address the most challenging problems. We also offer 500 MG, 1000 MG, 2000 MG, and 5000 MG salve.



“I love this product. It has been extremely helpful for both my husband's and my "elderly people’s" problems. The fragrance is very pleasant (we've tried two different scents, and both are great). We will order again when we need more.” – Judith Hogan



Leanna Organics' 500 mg CBD salve






CBD salves are the preferred way to deliver focused, potent CBD directly into areas of tension and discomfort. Using a topical ointment such as Leanna Organics CBD body salve, the CBD rapidly penetrates through absorbent layers of the skin. It is not subject to digestive or metabolic processes resulting in faster relief than ingesting CBD. Derived from hemp and extracted into an oil, our CBD mixes with ingredients that penetrate the skin deeper to ensure hours of relief. Leanna Organics CBD oil salve is the ultimate way to calm and relax the body while addressing discomfort.

If you are local to Colorado, stop by our CBD shop in Westminster, CO, to talk to us about integrating CBD salve into your wellness routine. We offer free CBD samples that you can take home with you and try. In addition to salve, we carry CBD oil, CBD bath bombs, and much more!



Leanna Organics' 5000 mg CBD salve




Leanna Organics’ CBD topical salve comes in various strengths and sizes to meet the needs of those who occasionally experience discomfort, all the way up to those with chronic problematic muscle and joint issues. Our hemp salve 500 MG comes in a 2 oz sustainable tin and is the perfect option to introduce CBD into your self-care. If you are looking for a better value and more salve, our CBD salve 1000 MG has double the CBD and comes in a 4 oz container. For those experiencing extreme discomfort, we created our CBD salve 2000 MG, 4000 MG, and 5000 MG hemp-infused salves.  

You can apply our natural salve directly to the areas where you are feeling discomfort. CBD balm rubbed topically addresses a wide range of muscle and joint issues and provides hours of relief. Our CBD salve 500 MG is our best-seller; it is convenient and travel-sized. Our CBD salve 1000 MG and CBD salve 2000 mg provide a higher measurement of CBD and supply hours of relief. Try our 4000 MG and 5000 MG Salves for the most potent CBD balms. In addition, Leanna Organics’ CBD salves come in four attractive scents: Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Natural.



“I purchased the eucalyptus salve and used it on my shoulders and legs. It smells super fresh, and I love the natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend it!” - Diana



4000 MG CBD salve






After a long workout or a non-stop day on your feet, Leanna Organics CBD topical salve will help you find the relief you deserve. Our hemp salve is specifically formulated to provide localized support to help you recover and perform your best. CBD skin salve can treat discomfort body-wide as an alternative to complicated traditional solutions. A little bit goes a long way; rub the salve on the problem area to experience relief in 5-10 minutes or less!

Leanna Organics welcomes you to travel the wellness path with our organic CBD salve and other plant-based wellness and skincare products, such as CBD oil, gummies, and CBD bath bombs,