Leanna Organics is a wellness-focused store that provides its customers with natural, organic, and sustainable products. Our CBD salve has become the preferred option for users looking for a less complicated solution when they are hurting. CBD oil and gummy help people feel calm and rest better at night. CBD skincare and pet products are helping people feel confident about their appearance and help our furry family members in a natural way.

The store has been a source of inspiration and healing for many people who seek a holistic approach to health and wellness. In addition to offering various products, Leanna Organics hosts monthly wellness events to provide a space for people to come together and explore different aspects of holistic healing.

Leanna Organics' wellness events promote healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Each month, the store hosts a different event focusing on a specific holistic healing aspect. Some of the events that the store offers include inner child healing meditations, yoga nights, sound baths, breathwork, and more.

Our first event at Leanna Organics store is the inner child healing meditation. This meditation is designed to help people connect with their inner child and heal any unresolved trauma or emotional wounds from childhood. The meditation is led by a trained facilitator who guides participants through exercises and visualization techniques. This event be a transformative experience for those who attend; it will allow them to reconnect with parts of themselves that they may have been neglecting or suppressing.

At Leanna Organics, healing is much more than just CBD to us. Check back with the page often for updates on upcoming events!