Are your muscles tight and tense? Unfortunately, the modern world is stressful, and the body stores stress in muscles and ligaments.

So even if the pressure is gone from the mind, it is present in the body as muscle tension. If the tightness is not released in time, it can turn into chronic unconscious tension, where the brain loses communication with that part of your body, making it numb and susceptible to more severe problems and disease.

Therefore, relieving deep-seated, habitual muscle and connective tissue tension is critical and integral to the wellness path.

Our organic CBD massage oil is the perfect combo with a muscle rub. We created our organic massage oil for people who are cautious about putting chemicals and untested CBD on their bodies. We used only natural ingredients and third-party tested CBD to ensure our oil is the most organic massage oil on the market that will help you recover!



“I recently got back into the gym, and it has been a transition, to say the least. After applying the CBD massage oil to my back, arms, and legs, I felt instant relief! On top of that, I love that it's not greasy and moisturizes while it relaxes me.” – Nina Blanco.




Full-spectrum CBD oil requires less processing and solvents to produce. It is an oil that is closer to the way nature intended. The smell, while not overwhelming, is a subtle reminder of the plant. To complement the gentle aroma of hemp are lavender and natural scents that make our CBD massage oil smell divine!

Whether rubbing the tension in your muscles or intimately giving your partner a massage, our 1200 MG CBD massage oil is the most potent and natural massage oil on the market that dislodges tension and relaxes you.

Our full-spectrum CBD massage oil is organically grown and processed, and we select only certified organic oils. Because of this, we know our oil is the best CBD massage oil on the planet and is a powerful one-two punch with a body massage.

Not convinced? Try one of our free CBD samples of our massage oil. We also offer samples of our CBD oil, CBD salve, CBD gummy, and CBD face cream. Just stop by our store to pick up a sample for free or cover $3.50 shipping.





Leanna Organics CBD Massage Oil 1200 MG is a potent blend of organic oils and Colorado-grown, third-party tested CBD. With 1200 MG of CBD in a 4oz bottle, our massage oil addresses even the most challenging problems and helps your recover.

We know that our CBD Massage Oil 1200 MG is the most potent and safe CBD on the market because we independently test our hemp extracts to ensure cannabinoid levels and confirm that it is free from scary chemicals like pesticides and solvents.

Additionally, our 1200 MG CBD massage oil smells great!

Choose from lavender scent or natural (unscented). The subtle scent of hemp mixed with organic oils that are earth-based and natural creates a heavenly aroma that makes your skin smell very pleasant.

Our Organic CBD massage oil will be the perfect addition to your massage practice, and we are honored to bring you this gift from mother nature.



“Our skin is left looking shiny & feeling soft, as it contains almond & jojoba oil while helping our muscles to become less irritated. I love that this massage oil also contains some of my favorite herbs & scents, such as eucalyptus, tea tree, vanilla, & coconut. I will definitely be buying more of this!” - Tanasia Mirelez.




CBD extracts and a massage are the perfect remedies for tight muscles.

Just rub some of our CBD infused massage oil on your tense, sore muscles for hours of relief. Massage is a holistic way to rub away stress from the body. Using our organic CBD massage oil for your massage routine could be the difference you need, allowing you to let go of tension and recover from a tough day.

We infused our massage oil with only the highest quality CBD extracts from Colorado. Additionally, we use only natural ingredients that are earth-based and non-toxic. The result is a powerful plant-based massage oil that takes your massage care to the next level.

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