Leanna Organics artisan shop is the premier location for those looking for CBD Broomfield CO. We make our plant-based CBD products in small batches, with great love and care. In addition, our CBD is hemp-derived, and third-party tested to assure you are getting the highest quality CBD oil Broomfield CO offers. No matter if you are looking for CBD for discomfort, CBD for pets, or CBD for skincare, you will find our natural products the best option for locals to the Broomfield CO area.

Located in the Valle Vista Shopping Center, Leanna Organics flagship retail store is an oasis of self-care and wellness. Our shop, conveniently located off exit 221 on the 25, is full of plant-based, organic solutions for beauty and wellness. Whether you are looking for the best CBD salve Broomfield CO offers, or maybe a CBD bath bomb to help you loosen up after a stressful day, we have got you covered!

In addition, we offer non-CBD products at our retail store and online. Our Hemp body soaps are all-natural, made with organic oils and ingredients selected for their skincare properties. Consequently, they are the highest quality bar soaps available in Broomfield CO. We also offer hemp seed body scrubs and hemp body cream.



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Look no farther for the most luxurious CBD bath bombs Broomfield CO and the surrounding areas offer. Our natural bath bombs are made in small batches, using organic ingredients and hemp-derived CBD. The result is a plant-based remedy that soothes the body and relaxes the mind. Just plunge one of our CBD bath bombs in your tub tonight, and you will understand for yourself what next-level relaxation means. Leanna Organics’ bath bombs are for people in the Broomfield CO area who work hard and need to relax.

Available in seven scents and three strengths, we have a CBD bath bomb for everyone. If you are new to CBD bath bombs, our 50 mg bomb is probably the right choice. However, if you need more release from stress and tension, our 100 mg or 200 mg CBD bath bomb might suit you better. What is your favorite scent? We offer seven divine scents that will calm your senses and help you unwind. No matter your level of discomfort or favorite aroma, Leanna Organics offers the best CBD bath bombs; Broomfield CO!



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If you search for the purest CBD oil Broomfield CO has available; you will be pleased to know that Leanna Organics’ CBD is 99.99% CBD. Our CBD oil is third-party tested, each order ships with an independent certificate of analysis. We test our quality CBD to ensure no intoxication and confirm that it is free from toxins such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Additionally, Leanna Organics has reasonable pricing. Our mission is to bring affordable, third-party tested CBD to Broomfield CO, and surrounding areas. No one should have to blow their paycheck in search of relief from discomfort and nervousness. Getting the rest that CBD oil promises shouldn’t break the bank. Accordingly, Leanna Organics prices our plant-based CBD self-care products reasonably, without an enormous markup.

But are your products organic?

Leanna Organics takes every step to ensure that our products are safe and non-toxic. Our essential and carrier oils are organic, and we stay away from harmful elements such as fragrances and parabens. Leanna Organics full spectrum CBD oil is organically grown and processed. Our CBD isolate is put through rigorous third-party testing to ensure it is free from pesticides and other toxic elements. We are proud to offer the purest CBD Broomfield CO offers. Please stop by our store today and learn about the natural benefits of CBD!



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Does achy muscle have you on the sidelines? Do you have problem areas of the body that put you out of commission and cannot move correctly? We have good news! Leanna Organics CBD salve is a topical ointment that addresses overwhelming body aches and tension. Just rub some of our natural salves on your tight, uncomfortable body parts, and within minutes you will get relief.

Leanna Organics has the most potent and effective CBD salve Broomfield CO provides because we use pure Colorado-grown CBD. Moreover, we infuse our CBD salve with ingredients that help penetrate the skin. As a result, our CBD salve will relax even the tightest muscle and allow you to unwind and recover.

No one should have to risk addiction in pursuit of relief from discomfort. The good news is that, unlike opiates, CBD is non-addictive and safe. Meaning you can use CBD topicals such as CBD oil salve every day without the risk of forming a habit. Equally important is that CBD works! Just rub some of our CBD on your tight, achy body parts, and within minutes you will be more at ease and less overwhelmed!



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We are blessed to have such loyal sidekicks in dogs and cats. They give us so much unconditional love and companionship. Most people would do anything to keep their furry best friend happy and well. However, because pets cannot always communicate when something is bothering them, some pets suffer in silence, with their poor bodies riddled with aches and problems.

The good news is that we now have a non-toxic and safe way to help our dogs and cats feel better when they are troubled.

CBD is a nature-based remedy that helps humans and pets alike. It can help your best friend move more easily and feel less overwhelmed. Dogs particularly suffer angst when separated from their human parents. CBD for pets can help your dog relax and not be overwhelmed with nervousness while away from you. Additionally, dog CBD like our CBD dog biscuits and full-spectrum CBD oil for pets, addresses problems in their body and lessens discomfort.

If you are a local or visiting Colorado, stop by our store in Westminster, CO. We have the best CBD for pets Broomfield CO provides. It will help your best friend recover and rest, whether cat or dog.

You can find us on 104th and Federal in Westminster CO, in the same shopping center as Legacy Point Restaurant off exit 221 of the i25. For Broomfield CO and surrounding area locals, Leanna Organics has the quality CBD near me for humans and pets!



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Leanna Organics’ CBD gummy is different from other gummies because we make ours with natural ingredients, free from GMOs and other harmful elements. We infused our CBD gummy with only 3 grams of raw sugar and Colorado-grown industrial hemp. The result is a delicious gummy that will help you rest better at night and help you manage when feeling overwhelmed.

We know our gummy is the best CBD gummy Broomfield CO has available because we independently assess our CBD to ensure the potency of our cannabinoids. We do not just rely on the certificate of analysis from our bulk CBD suppliers; we send each batch of our hemp extracts to Proverde labs in MA to test and analyze. Ensuring you get the highest potency CBD gummy.

For locals looking for the tastiest and most effective CBD gummy, look no further than Leanna Organics CBD shop in Westminster, CO, serving Broomfield, CO, Denver CO, and the surrounding areas.



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Leanna Organics offers the highest quality CBD Broomfield CO has available. We handmake all our CBD wellness and CBD for skincare products with love, and organic ingredients, assuring that we provide the most effective self-care options. Are you looking for a natural skin moisturizer? Try our CBD body cream; it is a mix of essential oils selected for skincare properties and hemp-derived CBD. How about face care? Our CBD face cream and CBD eye serum will protect and strengthen delicate face skin. At the same time, our CBD lip balm is the perfect lip moisturizer, infused with the plant-based power of CBD!

If you are looking for CBD salve, Broomfield CO has the purest and fast-acting CBD balm. Leanna Organics’ CBD shop in Westminster CO, is just minutes from Broomfield, Northglenn, Thornton, and Denver and is a self-care haven with organic plant-based wellness and beauty products that will soothe your mind and body!

We welcome you to travel the wellness path with us. We make it easy with plant-based self-care goods that will help you recover after a long workout, or manage a stressful day.

To get to our store from the Broomfield CO Library only takes 12 minutes via car. From the Veterans Museum is only 15 minutes to Leanna Organics CBD store. We are at exit 221 of the i25 at the Valle Vista Shopping Center just 10 minutes from Paul Derda Rec Center in Broomfield.