Handmade CBD products made with love from organic ingredients and infused with Colorado's purest CBD extracts. 


We believe CBD is the future of skincare and wellness, and it's our mission to help our customers achieve balance in their lives. We understand that CBD is new and could be intimidating to our new customers, so we have designed our range of self-care products to offer a truly luxurious, spa-like experience with the added benefit of CBD.




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All Leanna Organics CBD products are made with love, from fresh ingredients daily at our shop in Westminster, CO. Stop by our shop today to try some free CBD samples and to learn about the natural benefits of CBD




All Leanna Organics CBD is grown from industrial hemp with .3% THC or less. We send a third-party certificate of analysis with each shipment that shows cannabinoids levels as well as proof that there are no pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals in our CBD.




At Leanna Organics, we take pride in offering organic, third-party tested products that are affordable. Because we buy our CBD in bulk from local Colorado farms and labs, and because we make all of our own products, we can keep our pricing reasonable, despite the difficulties of being in the cannabis industry.






"As a fitness instructor, I am constantly trying to help my body recover and rest as much as possible. This cbd salve feels so good on my feet and knees, as I am a spin instructor and this is where I feel the impact most. I also put the salve on my temples when feeling extra stressed. I can't recommend this product enough! It also smells really good and has a creamy, smooth texture."  - Rae


"I ordered the oatmeal CBD bath bomb and wow, I was so impressed with the quality of this! I took a bath and it was honestly the most calming bath I have ever taken. It smelled amazing and left my skin feeling so smooth! I also liked how the bath bomb took a while to dissolve which means that its not made with lots of random ingredients that you dont know what they are and my bath was so much more enjoyable knowing that this bath bomb was made with love and is organic!"  - Mia


"I just started using Leanna Organics last month and I am in love. I take a drop in the morning and I feel so relaxed. Its a relaxation without drowsiness, I could see it helping me to calm my thoughts to make me rest at night. Im so excited to see the effects of continuous use, thank you so much for creating products full of love." - Azuree


"I have been using their face bar since October in my skin care routine and since I have added their body soaps into my routine introduced close friends to their soaps and we all LOVE them. Amazing scents and leave your skill feelings/smelling so nice!" - Ashlee


Leanna Organics CBD Westminster CO

Leanna Organics CBD in Westminster CO


Leanna Organics retail store is a self-care oasis located just minutes off the i25 in Westminster, CO. Drop by our artisan shop at the Valle Vista Shopping Center today to discover plant-based remedies for beauty and wellness. Our organic offering is infused with the most potent and pure CBD Denver CO provides. In addition, we make our products in small batches, with great love and care from quality ingredients, which results in the most luxurious, plant-based, and organic CBD products.

Are you looking for a natural alternative for wellness?

Our CBD salve is a topical balm that rubs directly onto the skin and works within minutes. We created our CBD foot cream for people who have been on their feet all day and need to relax. Our CBD oil, CBD gummy, and CBD isolate are ingestible CBD that is calming and will help you rest better at night.

Are you interested in soft and smooth skin?

Our CBD body cream is a natural moisturizer made with organic ingredients and pure CBD extracts. Leanna Organics' CBD face cream, CBD eye serum, and CBD face serum are the ultimate in CBD face care; they will rejuvenate and renew the delicate skin of your face and make it glow!

How about a product to help with both skincare and wellness?

As you soak in a warm bath filled with one of our organic CBD bath bombs, your mind will be calmed, and your body will release tension as CBD is absorbed through the skin, making it soft yet resilient. CBD bath bombs are the ultimate way to relax and unwind after a long day – they will rejuvenate your skin and help your body recover. We also offer CBD massage oil to release tight muscles and nourish the skin.

Are you shopping for a furry family member?

CBD oil for pets works great! Just give your cat or dog CBD oil on their favorite treats, or drip it on their food, and within minutes they will be calm and relaxed. For the easiest way to give CBD oil to your pet, try our CBD dog biscuits; they are premeasured with pure CBD, and dogs love their taste!

We even offer non-CBD products. Our line of hemp seed-based body care products, such as our hemp body soap and hemp seed body scrub, are made with Colorado hemp seed. Hemp seed, like CBD, is a skincare powerhouse that nurtures the skin biome with vitamins and fatty acids. We also offer all-natural hemp face soap and hemp body cream. And for those looking for a non-toxic candle that is natural and long-lasting, our Bees Wax Candle is a perfect choice.

Indeed, Leanna Organics' line of plant-based self-care products is the highest quality CBD Westminster CO offers. With everything you need, from CBD topicals to CBD ingestibles, and hemp body care products, our line of natural products will bring your self-care to another level and ease your body and mind.

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