CBD oil is the modern way to address body and mind problems. Compared to conventional solutions, it is earth-based and natural. Additionally, hemp does not require pesticides to grow, and with organic farming and processing, it is free from chemicals and other unsafe elements. Organic CBD oil like Leanna Organics’ is a plant-based alternative, made for people fed up with traditional options and who prefer something from the earth.

Millions of people depend upon CBD oil daily as a holistic alternative.

Organic CBD oil is different from other solutions because hemp comes from nature and has been around for tens of thousands of years. Our ancestors used the hemp plant in various ways: as a building material, clothing, food, rope, and much more. We have lived side-by-side and have used this miraculous plant for eons, ingesting it, smoking it, and rubbing cannabis oil onto the skin.

Another attractive quality of hemp is that it develops to full maturity in just 120 days. It is sustainable, with fast grow-time, and even cleans the soil it grows in.  Natural CBD oil is an earth-friendly alternative that is good for Gaia and the people and pets that live here!

At Leanna Organics, we are proud to be part of the industry helping people and the planet we live on. CBD benefits the mind and body in so many ways, and our oil is the most organic CBD oil available for modern wellness



Organic CBD oil: Full Spectrum



Leanna Organics’ natural CBD oil is the ultimate wellness formula.

We say this because CBD is earth-based and comes from a plant that has been around for thousands of years. Hemp is tried-and-true. We shouldn’t be subjected to adverse and unwanted consequences in our pursuit of well-being. Therefore, organic CBD oil has become the preferred choice of people who prefer a more holistic approach.

At Leanna Organics, we are dedicated to the wellness path, and your beauty and well-being are at the center of everything we do. We select organic oils and only natural ingredients for our self-care goods. In addition, because CBD grows in the earth and is subject to heavy metals, pesticides that may be in the soil, and solvents used for extraction, we independently test our CBD.

This independent, third-party testing ensures that you get the purest, most organic, and most potent CBD extracts available.

Try Leanna's Organic hemp oil today! We also offer a complete line of self-care goods. From CBD salve, a topical ointment that works within minutes, to CBD bath bombs to help you relax and unwind, to CBD gummy for restfulness and calm.




"I love using when I get home from work to transition into a soft relaxing evening. I have found improvement... it helps me find ease after a mentally stimulating day." - Torey





Though the hemp plant has been around for at least ten thousand years, CBD was only discovered in 1940. It wasn’t until the 2018 farm bill in the United States that industrial hemp was legalized nationwide. In May 2018, Leanna Organics started selling their organic hemp oil made from industrial hemp to Colorado and the United States via their online store.

 “Industrial hemp” was coined and defined as a cannabis plant with .3 THC or less. At such a low ratio of THC, industrial hemp is not intoxicating. However, because CBD is the primary compound found in the hemp plant, it is psychoactive.

The terms hemp oil and CBD oil are interchangeable at Leanna Organics. We prefer CBD oil because it is more accurate. However, calling CBD oil hemp oil is also correct because CBD comes from the hemp plant. Our hemp oils are the highest quality CBD extracts in the world. But don’t take our word for it; check out our independent third-party testing; we proudly send them with each shipment and link to them on our website.

If you would like to try our plant-based remedies before buying, check out one of our free CBD samples, and experience CBD benefits that extend to the body and mind. You can stop by our CBD shop in Westminster CO and grab a sample at no charge, or just cover $3.50 shipping. Grab samples of our CBD topical salve, CBD oil, CBD body cream, CBD massage oil, and more!



CBD oil is discreet and easy to use.



Just as CBD oil is often called hemp oil, it is also known as cannabis oil. CBD comes from the hemp plant, a form of the cannabis plant with .3% THC or less. Therefore, calling CBD oil cannabis oil is accurate.

Still, calling CBD cannabis oil can be confusing since some forms of cannabis contain higher than .3% THC.  Whether you call your CBD oil hemp oil, cannabis oil, or anything else does not matter; what does that that you use it every day and are consistent. Daily use of CBD can help you find homeostasis. It helps you rest better, address discomfort, and manage when overwhelmed.




"Quality of this product is fabulous. I love the peppermint! It helps with all my problems as an older person." - Doris Pelura





Discover CBD benefits with Leanna’s organic CBD oil; they come in three powerful strengths that will help you no matter the concern.  We offer a 1000mg CBD oil in a 1 oz bottle that provides a generous 33 mg per serving. With a recommended measurement of 8-16mg per serving, our 1000 mg CBD oil will last 30 days or more, and you can take it 2-4 times per day!

Leanna Organics 2000mg CBD oil infuses double the amount of hemp-derived CBD and comes in a 2 oz bottle. We pack more CBD extracts into our 2000 mg oil; this allows you to take more CBD daily or get two months or more supply of organic CBD oil.

Our 3000mg CBD oil is our most potent formula. It combines 3000 powerful MGs of CBD with organic MCT oil and organic mint flavoring. It is a natural CBD oil in a 2 oz bottle that allows you to take your CBD anytime you need it. Our 3000 mg CBD oil will last two months or more, depending on how much you use daily.

No matter your required strength, Leanna Organics CBD, Westminster CO has got you covered with our plant-based remedies.



Isolate-based CBD oil




CBD oil comes in two primary forms: full-spectrum and isolate-based. Full-spectrum CBD oil is a whole-plant remedy because it includes other cannabinoids besides CBD compounds. The smell and taste of full-spectrum CBD oil are familiar to those with cannabis experience. In contrast, isolate-based CBD is odorless and tasteless. CBD isolate is isolated molecules of CBD. Therefore, there are little to no other cannabinoids present in isolate-based CBD products.

At Leanna Organics, we make full-spectrum CBD oil and Isolate-based CBD oil. We have found that people with more severe concerns tend to reach for full-spectrum oil over isolate-based CBD. Also, people who have more experience with the cannabis plant seem to prefer our full spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate.

However, if you are new to CBD and the cannabis plant, we recommend starting with our CBD isolate-based products. CBD isolate is 99.99% CBD molecules. CBD is the main active ingredient in most of Leanna Organics’ products and the best way for beginners to this earth-based compound to experience CBD.

CBD benefits the mind and body when taken daily. So be consistent in your use, no matter what form of CBD oil you take. By taking Leanna’s organic CBD oil every day, you can achieve balance in your life!