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Leanna Organics’ CBD shop in Westminster CO serves the Thornton area.



Leanna Organics CBD store is a hop, skip and jump from most Thornton CO designations. Located off exit 221 of i25 at 104th and Federal in the Valle Vista Shopping Center. Our shop is full of plant-based skincare and wellness goods that beautify the skin and help the body recover!

What makes our CBD shop unique is that we handmake all our self-care goods in small batches, with love and organic ingredients. Additionally, Leanna Organics has the highest quality CBD Thornton CO offers. We know this because each batch of our raw hemp extracts is rigorously tested by an independent third-party lab – assuring that you get the purest and most potent CBD products!



CBD oil Thornton CO




At Leanna Organics, we believe CBD oil is the future of wellness.

We say this because we talk to people every day at our CBD shop in Westminster, CO, just minutes away from Thornton, about how CBD oil has helped them in one way or another. From people who no longer rely on addictive opiates to get them through the day, to people who have clearer skin and more confidence in their appearance, to people who can finally rest soundly at night.

CBD oil is non-addictive and non-harmful; it has a range of utility, from helping with body discomfort and calming down an overactive mind to restfulness and skincare. You can even give CBD oil to your pet!

The fact that we have a non-habit-forming and natural alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals and that CBD addresses such a wide variety of ailments makes us proud to be part of the CBD industry. And we are honored to bring to you the highest quality CBD oil Thornton CO provides!




CBD gummy Thornton CO



CBD gummy makes taking CBD delicious and easy!

Let us face it, CBD oil is not always convenient; sometimes, you are in a rush and need to pop something into your mouth and go. Or what about those times you are already in bed and do not want to get up to measure and take CBD oil. CBD gummy solves these problems, making it the most straightforward way to take CBD.

Additionally, CBD gummy taste great!

We use an organic and vegan recipe for our gummies and only three grams of non-GMO sugar. Our gummy has a wonderful blue raspberry taste. The result is a natural gummy with potent CBD, easy to consume, and something to look forward to.

We know we have the tastiest and most organic CBD Gummy Thornton CO offers. Try it today to rest more soundly at night. It will also lower and make more manageable the feeling of being overwhelmed and nervous and help you find balance in your body.



CBD bath Bomb Thornton CO



Leanna Organics CBD bath bombs will level up your self-care!

We all work so hard, early mornings and long nights hustling to support our families and make our dreams come true. A good thing for our families and future hopes and aspirations. However, all this tension and stress pay a toll on the body. Making muscles tight and tense. There is no way around it. Hard work is rough on the body.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself after a long grueling day. And our CBD bath bombs are the ultimate way to unwind and relax. Just drop one of our organic bombs in your tub, fill it with warm to hot water, maybe light a beeswax candle, and put on soft music and relax!

The skin is the biggest organ and has the highest abundance of CBD receptors. By soaking in a warm bath filled with CBD extracts, you allow the CBD molecules to be absorbed by the skin. When CBD binds with receptors, it balances the mind and body, helping create a natural homeostasis of peace and calmness.

We are sure you will agree with our reviews that our organic bombs are the highest quality CBD bath bomb Thornton CO has available. Stop by our CBD shop in Westminster CO, just minutes from Thornton, for plant-based wellness to help you relax and recover!




CBD salve Thornton CO



CBD salve works within minutes, addressing even the toughest discomfort!

What makes CBD different than traditional solutions is that it is versatile. Not only does CBD address multitudes of issues of the body and mind, but CBD can also be consumed, rubbed onto the skin, and inhaled. In 1992 when researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system, they found that the skin had the highest abundance of CB2 receptors – where CBD binds.

That is why products like Leanna Organics CBD salve work so quickly to address the problems of the body when rubbed on topically.

For those looking for CBD Thornton CO, look no further for the highest-quality CBD salve.

Our salve is plant-based and organic; it works quickly and lasts long. It will lower uncomfortable sensations in the body. It will help you recover and recuperate, and it will help you rest when you are up all night with overwhelming discomfort.

Please stop by Leanna Organics CBD shop if you are local to the Colorado area. We are sure you will find our balm, the highest quality CBD salve Thornton CO provides, and we are honored to bring you this plant-based remedy.



Let’s face it, our cats and dogs are family members. They provide so much love and joy to us. They are always happy to see us and make us feel better when we are down. Therefore, taking care of your furry family member is a must, and Leanna Organics makes it easy with our CBD for pets.

We offer CBD dog biscuits and CBD oil for dogs and cats. Our biscuits are premeasured, and dogs love the taste. CBD oil for pets is flexible. You can give it to them directly into their mouth, on their favorite treat, or on their food. The oil has a beef flavor that cats and dogs love.

Additionally, for Thornton CO residents, we know you are getting the most potent CBD near me because our CBD is third-party tested by an independent lab. We ensure that our CBD is safe and effective!

Leanna Organics dog CBD and cat CBD is the purest CBD for pets Thornton CO provides, and we are honored to help pets with this nature-based remedy.



CBD for pets Thornton CO





Leanna Organics CBD shop is conveniently located next to Thornton CO attractions such as Thorncreek Golf Course and Top Golf. Driving from Top Golf only takes 20 minutes, and the drive from Thorncreek golf is even less! We are within driving distance for most Denver CO landmarks, and we are proud to serve Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Northglenn, Boulder, and the surrounding areas.


Our store is close no matter where you are at in Colorado. Come to our artisan shop and travel the wellness path with us. The Valle Vista Shopping Center in Westminster CO is where Leanna Organics calls home. Our CBD shop is on 104th and Federal in Westminster, CO. Across the street from Navah Coffee and Legacy Point Restaurant.



Leanna Organics CBD | Thornton CO and the surrounding areas