Leanna Organics is proud to supply plant-based skincare and wellness infused with hemp-derived CBD for locals to Northglenn, CO, and surrounding areas. Please stop by our artisan shop at the Valle Vista Shopping Center in Westminster, CO. We are off exit 221 of the i25, conveniently located next to most Northglenn designations.

You will immediately sense fresh essential oils in the air when you enter our shop, bathing the senses and calming the mind. We make all our plant-based goods at our shop in small batches, with great love and care. The result is the highest quality CBD Northglenn CO has available that will help you recover, unwind, and recuperate.

CBD is the modern way to achieve wellness; no more do we have to complicated alternatives.

Additionally, CBD is versatile. It helps with many mind and body concerns, such as allowing you to rest better at night, calming an overactive mind, to addressing the toughest body discomfort. CBD even helps our pets!



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What is exciting about CBD oil compared to traditional solutions is that it is earth-based and and non-intoxicating. You can take CBD oil anytime during the day without worrying about getting “high” or making it a habit.

Maybe that is why millions of people rely on CBD oil daily as a natural remedy and have said no to harmful alternatives.

For Colorado locals, Leanna Organics CBD shop is a self-care oasis filled with plant-based remedies for skincare and wellness. In addition to the purest and most potent CBD oil Northglenn CO offers, we also have CBD gummy and tons of CBD topical options that rub directly onto the skin, helping with discomfort and making the surface smooth and soft.

Indeed, Leanna Organics’ line of CBD goods will help you achieve balance. If you live in Northglenn, CO, or Thornton CO we are just a hop, skip, and jump away. We welcome you to stop in and grab a free CBD sample, try this plant-based remedy, and experience the future of wellness with Leanna Organics.

For those looking for the best CBD in Northglenn, CO, we have got you covered with our line of CBD goods.



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Have you tried a CBD bath bomb yet?

They are the new must-have to help you unwind and relax after a grueling day. The skin is covered in CBD receptors, and as you soak in a warm bath filled with CBD extracts, it is absorbed into the skin and binds with receptors located below the surface. The result is a meditative experience where the mind and body are completely relaxed and resting calmly in peace.

We all work so hard to support our families and chase our dreams. All this toil and hustling pays a toll on the body, making it tense and chronically tight. CBD bath bombs release tension in the body and mind. Light one of our beeswax candles, put some soft relaxing music on, and recline into serenity with one of our plant-based bath bombs!

Leanna Organics offers the most organic and potent CBD bath bombs Northglenn CO provides. We know this because we select our quality ingredients to be earth-based, and natural. Additionally, our hemp extracts are rigorously tested by an independent third party. Ensuring our plant-based goods are free from THC, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

Try a CBD bath bomb tonight and discover a new level of relaxation and serenity! Or stop by Leanna Organics CBD Northglenn, CO, for the finest organic beauty and wellness.



CBD bath bombs Northglenn CO





While oral CBD such as CBD gummy and CBD oil can help you rest better at night and make things more bearable when you become overwhelmed, CBD topicals such as CBD topical salve and CBD body cream work within minutes to address problems of the body.

CBD salve is the preferred way to address overwhelming body discomfort and aches.

Millions of people now use CBD salve as a topical remedy that helps them get through the day when sensations become too much. Whether you have back problems, aches in the hips, hands that feel like they are on fire, or any other body ailment, CBD salve can help!

If you live in Colorado or are visiting our beautiful state, stop by Leanna Organics artisan shop in Westminster, serving Northglenn, Thornton, Denver, Boulder, and Broomfield CO. We are within driving distance of many landmarks and provide the most effective CBD salve Northglenn CO has available that addresses the toughest body problems and will make you feel new!



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Gummies are the preferred way for many people to consume their daily supplements. The advantage of a CBD gummy over CBD oil and CBD isolate is that it tastes great and is premeasured. A CBD gummy's ease of use and tastiness make it a great way to interact with CBD.

Additionally, our CBD gummy is made with third-party tested CBD. Ensuring you get the highest quality CBD gummy Northglenn CO supplies. CBD is a bodycare powerhouse. It helps you rest better at night, helps you manage overwhelming feelings, and helps with body discomfort when taken daily.

We are honored to bring to Northglenn CO this plant-based remedy that tastes delicious and will make you feel like yourself again!



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Did you know all mammals have an endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is a biological system that connects the body’s various systems and helps the body create homeostasis. It consists of internally made neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids and the receptors that these compounds bind to.  CBD for dogs and CBD for cats works because, like humans, our pets have neurons or receptors especially made for the class of molecules that CBD is in.

CBD mimics compounds made internally by all mammals.

Perhaps that is why CBD for pets is so effective – the CBD compounds bind with receptors meant for similarly shaped molecules pets make internally.

Leanna Organics has the best CBD for pets Northglenn CO provides. Our dog CBD and cat CBD will help your fluffy family member with various issues. It will allow them to rest better, cope when overwhelmed, and relax and recuperate.

If you happen to stop by the Valle Vista Shopping Center in Westminster, CO, just minutes from Northglenn, stop by Leanna Organics; our oil is the most effective CBD near me that will help your dog or cat find balance and homeostasis.



CBD for Pets Northglenn CO





At Leanna Organics, your well-being and beauty are at the heart of everything we do, and we invite you to travel the wellness path with us. CBD is about taking your mental and physical state back into your hands. We make it easy with a plethora of natural self-care goods to balance the mind and body.

Additionally, our blog is dedicated to holistic healing and well-being. We have published blogs on meditation, yoga, daily self-care, emotional intelligence, and more. While CBD does help when the mind becomes agitated, overwhelmed, and tense, and topical CBD such as CBD salve help with body discomfort, true healing comes from a holistic approach.

Therefore, our blog is filled with wellness tips about how to integrate emotions, start an exercise routine, and the benefits of eating organic.

We are proud to deliver holistic tips and advice via our blog and serve Colorado and the greater US and Canada through our online store. The media has taken notice of our efforts, and we were recently featured in a local Colorado publication in Our Community Now. We have also been honored with an Environmental Leadership award from the State of Colorado in 2020.

Leanna Organics CBD Northglenn, CO, is the premier location for plant-based remedies, and we are proud to serve Colorado our wellness goods!



Leanna Organics founder and co-owner Tracy at Leanna Organics' shop





If you are coming from Boondocks Fun Center, just hop on i25 and take exit 221. Our CBD shop is only 8 minutes away from Boondocks! It is only a 6-minute drive to Leanna Organics for nature lovers visiting Croke Reservoir Nature Area.

We are conveniently located in Westminster, CO, at the Valle Vista Shopping Center on 104th and Federal. You can find our shop next to Bright Now Dental and The Lost Cajun!