Leanna Organics is the premier CBD Store in Westminster, CO. Our self-care products are made by hand with love, from organic ingredients, and infused with the purest hemp-derived CBD from Colorado.

We aim to provide the highest quality, purest products and care for our customers with world-class service. 

We invite you to visit our store. You will be greeted by the heavenly scent of fresh essential oils in the air and luxurious self-care products that indulge the senses and help the body and mind relax and recover!

Leanna Orgnics CBD Westminster CO

Leanna Organics' CBD Store in Westminster CO




At Leanna Organics, your beauty and wellness are our first concern. Therefore, we select only natural ingredients, the freshest essential oils, and Colorado-grown third-party tested hemp for our products.

Each batch of our artisan goods is made in small-scale production at our CBD store in Westminster, CO. Compared to factory-made, mass-produced products, ours benefit from attention to detail and are infused with love.

When you step into our store for the first time or get a whiff of your first shipment, you will sense the fresh aroma of essential oils. Artisan Tracy selected attractive floral and fruity scents to compliment the wellness benefits of CBD.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of ways to apply and interact with CBD.

Our skincare line consists of 100% natural CBD-infused luxury creams, scrubs, serums, bombs, face masks, and more that will level up your skincare regimen and bring out the natural beauty of your appearance.

Our wellness line includes favorites like CBD salve, CBD oil, gummy, bath salts, bath bombs, and more. 

For your furry family members, we provide CBD dog biscuits and CBD oil, helping them relax and rejuvenate so they can live their best lives!

Leanna Organics brings the exciting and unfamiliar world of CBD extracts into the home by translating it to everyday uses. We provide pure and organic CBD products that feel luxurious and treat our customers to a spa-like experience!

Please stop by our CBD Store in Westminster, CO, to learn about the natural benefits of CBD. We offer free CBD samples of most of our goods, and all products are made fresh daily in-house.




Scott and Tracy with their youngest son at their CBD store in Westminster CO





Leanna Organics is a CBD skincare and wellness shop located in Westminster, CO. We started Leanna Organics in 2015 with founder and co-owner Tracy making her natural beauty products for friends and family. 

In 2017, co-owner and husband Scott discovered CBD salve for hip and back problems. Deadset against Opiates and tired of taking ibuprofen every day, CBD was the natural and uncomplicated solution he was looking for.

They quickly decided to move to Colorado and add CBD to Tracy’s line of self-care products. Leanna Organics started by offering plant-based skincare and wellness goods that are reasonably priced and organic. 

We believe that CBD is the future of beauty and wellness. 

We say this because CBD is a plant-based alternative that goes into and leaves the body with ease. Researchers unveiled how CBD works in the 1990s when they discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a network of receptors found in all mammals. CBD mimics internally produced compounds called endocannabinoids. It binds with receptors meant for molecules of a similar shape. These receptors are in the nervous system and organs, creating a communication network that balances and creates homeostasis in the body.

Consuming CBD daily is an earth-based way to find equilibrium in mind and body. Additionally, because the skin is abundant in CBD receptors, CBD skincare products such as hemp-infused body cream and face cream can be rubbed on topically to make the skin soft and youthful.



Mother and Daughter team Tavia and Tracy at Leanna Organics' CBD shop in Westminster CO



We officially started Leanna Organics in May of 2018. In the early days, we did tons of pop-up markets and met thousands of people – introducing them to the plant-based benefits of CBD. In December 2019, we opened our CBD shop in Westminster, CO, providing organic CBD goods to the greater Denver, CO area.

Leanna Organics is a family business with husband-and-wife team Tracy and Scott and their two oldest kids, Mechlo and Tavia. We talk to people daily about how CBD has helped them in one way or another; people who use CBD as a nature-based alternative feel more confident about their appearance and rest better at night. Being such animal lovers, our favorite stories are how it helps people’s pets. 

CBD is about wellness, and we are proud to be part of an industry helping so many people.

If you are local to the Denver area, stop by our CBD store in Westminster, CO, for organic products that will revitalize your mind and body!







CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that comes from the hemp plant. Leanna Organics products are infused with third-party tested CBD. CBD is a versatile remedy that addresses many problems in the body and mind. A natural alternative that millions of people rely on daily.

Are you new to CBD and want to learn more?

Our about CBD section is an excellent starting place packed with helpful information. From how CBD works, hemp seed oil vs. CBD, CBD versus THC, full-spectrum CBD versus CBD isolate, hemp vs. marijuana, and more.





Protecting the earth is one of Leanna Organics’ core values. Consequently, owners Scott and Tracy have strived to pick the most earth-friendly and sustainable packaging possible. We’ve selected craft paper for our CBD gummy and CBD dog biscuits instead of harmful plastic that ends up in a landfill. We use recyclable and biodegradable packaging whenever possible, and once 100% biodegradable hemp plastic becomes more viable, we will be early adopters.

Additionally, Leanna Organics has partnered with local, sustainable businesses and organizations that promote eco-friendly business practices. We are proud to be a Westminster CO SAGE member, helping companies be more ecologically friendly. We are a Colorado Green Business Network member and were recognized as an environmental leader in Colorado in 2020. Leanna Organics is also partnered with ECO-Alternatives, connecting consumers to companies with sustainable business practices.

Moreover, we give back. Leanna Organics owners Scott and Tracy donate monthly to The Nature Conservancy. A worldwide organization that is committed to solving the most challenging ecological issues.



Leanna Organics was recognized as an environmental leader in 2020 by the state of Colorado





Leanna Organics results from co-owner Tracy's passion for natural health and beauty, coalescing with co-owner and husband Scott's love of the hemp plant. Our products are handcrafted using organic ingredients and infused with the highest quality CBD extracts Colorado offers.

In addition, our line of self-care products is made in small batches, with love, at our shop. Leanna Organics' CBD Store in Westminster, CO, is a self-care oasis where you can find organic CBD and hemp seed products for humans and pets. We seek to create accessible, plant-based beauty and wellness solutions for everyone.










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