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CBD Topical Salve

Leanna Organics makes a CBD salve that can be applied topically to the skin. Our CBD extracts are grown from high quality hemp in the state of Colorado. We use an ingredient called lanolin which helps the CBD absorb into the skin. Our CBD salves are high dosage and designed to provide deep, long lasting relief. They are all natural and hemp-derived. They are also non-addictive. If you’re already a fan of CBD salves, you’re going to love our products as they are high quality and high dosage. If you’re a first time buyer then welcome to the world of CBD. Start with a small dosage and you’ll soon have a deep love for our product.

CBD Salve

What’s in Leanna Organic’s CBD salve?

Leanna Organics CBD salve is made by hand in small batches, using only organic ingredients. Our salve is the industry’s purest and most potent CBD topical salve and is available in many incredible scents like Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemongrass and 100% Organic Natural Scent. We source only the purest ingredients and use only Colorado-grown hemp for our CBD salve. Colorado has the most mature hemp program and is the Mecca of hemp. Therefore when you are using Leanna Organics CBD salve you can be assured the purest and highest quality CBD available. 

CBD Salve 500 MG

Best CBD Topical Salve

Leanna Organics CBD is sourced from local Colorado hemp farms and is .3% or less THC. It is produced with the highest safety and consistency standards. We take care to have our batches tested by independent 3rd party laboratories to ensure optimal cannabinoid levels and free of all pesticides, heavy metals, and any harmful or unnatural elements. That’s how we make sure our CBD topical salve is a great product. We ship all our products with independent third-party test results so our customers can be sure that they are getting the highest quality CBD available on the market.

CBD Salve Benefits

Why use CBD salves?

CBD salves are the preferred way to deliver focused, potent CBD directly into problem areas. By using a topical ointment such as Leanna Organics CBD salve, the CBD is rapidly absorbed through permeable layers of the skin and is not subject to digestive metabolic processes resulting in faster relief than ingesting CBD. And although not technically an oil, many people prefer think of our product as a CBD oil salve. Our product is not oily, rather it’s a topical ointment.

CBD Salve Topical
CBD Salves

CBD Salve 1000 MG & 500 MG

Our salves come in a variety of sizes. A lot of our customers find that the CBD salve 1000 MG is the right size for them. We also sell in 500 MG and 2000 MG sizes. You can apply our products directly to the areas where you are feeling discomfort. You can apply across joint areas and also on muscle tissue and you should feel the effects for hours. If you’ve never tried anything like this before then you can start with the CBD salve 500 MG and see if you like it. Many people start with smaller sizes and then soon find themselves purchasing larger sizes as they become fans of our product.

Best CBD Salve

How to best use Leanna Organic’s CBD Salve:

After a long workout or a non-stop day on your feet, Leanna Organics CBD salve will help you find the relief that you deserve. Our CBD salves are specially formulated to provide localized support to help you recover and perform your best. CBD salves can be used to treat discomfort body-wide as an alternative to addictive opiates and pills that can be harmful to the liver. A little bit goes a long way, just rub in the salve to the problem area to experience relief in 5-10 minutes or less.

Best CBD Salve