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Face Cleaning Brush

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Leanna Organics Face Cleaning Brush is a soft fiber cleansing tool for delicate facial skin.


Care for the fragile skin of the face with our soft fiber cleansing tool. Intended for our hemp face soap, our face cleaning brush will sweep away dirt and debris from the face and leave your skin feeling soft and clean.

With fine soft bamboo bristles, our face cleaning brush will penetrate deep into cervices and pores for a more profound cleansing. When used with our all-natural hemp face soap, our face cleaning brush will provide a superior level of care - it will remove harmful debris and assist in purifying the skin properly.



  • Easy to foam without skin irritation and bacteria.
  • With a knitted rope, easy to hang & dry & store.
  • Deeply clean pores effectively prevent blackhead production and prevent skin aging.
  • A comfortable handgrip gives you complete control.
  • 400,000 soft bamboo charcoal bristles, thicker, cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells thoroughly.
  • The dense and soft bristles work exceptionally well for the face, cheeks, eyelids anywhere you want.
  • Earth-friendly, sustainable design with no plastic.



Material: Wooden + Bamboo Charcoal Fiber



Intended to be used with Leanna Organics face soap. Rub the bar soap onto the soft bamboo bristles, allowing it to foam. Scrub the face with brush in a circluar motion for deep cleansing.