Summertime Foot Care for Working Women

Posted by Jillian on 18th Apr 2021

Summertime Foot Care for Working Women

Ladies, let’s face it — we often neglect to tune into our bodies and give them the care they need. This is especially true when it comes to our feet! When the sun begins to scorch, so will our internal body temperatures. Between the heat and the many hours spent on our feet, we can end up withcracked heelsand swollen legs. This summer, ditch that pumice stone full of dead skin cells and ramp up your routine with self-care and CBD foot care instead.


This one seems obvious, and yet so often we forget how important this is for our pods! There’s a hack you can use during the hotter months to help retain water: electrolytes. A recent post written forhealthlinedefines electrolytes as essential minerals present in bodily fluids that become charged ions when dissolved in water. These salts work in tandem with the water we drink to regulate the hydration of our cells.

Even when you think you have enough water — drink more! If you are like most people and struggle to track your water intake, you can download an app to track it. Our go-to is Plant Nanny. In short, if you drink a glass of water and log it, the plant thrives. If you fail to drink enough water the plant withers and dies. You can adopt your plant baby here.

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The season for strolling barefoot has arrived! While we encourage a grounding connection to the earth, we also recommend that you support your foundations. If you decide to sport stilettos in the spirit of aesthetics, be sure to look into gel inserts to relieve pressure on those paws. “Not all arches are created equal,” writes Jefferey LaMour, DPM, PA. He suggests wetting your feet in the bath and standing on a newspaper in order to determine your arch type at home.

The most common thing we forget in foot protection at the beach and pool is applying sunscreen. Lathering our feet top-to-bottom with mineral-based protectants and doing regular checks for unusual spots are ways to prevent malignant melanomas. Wearing sandals at the beach, in locker rooms, and hotel rooms will also help ward off infection.


Eating a diet that promotes blood circulation is vital for preventing swollen feet and foods that are rich in potassium are known to help stimulate blood flow. Luckily, in the summer months, these foods are in abundance. Bananas, avocados, watermelon, and even drinks like coconut water are some examples of great sources. We can easily encourage overall detoxification of the body at home by being intentional about the ingredients we are sourcing from the market.

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) supports the use of diet as an integral approach to reducing swelling related to chronic diseases and reports that including foods such as salmon, sulfurous vegetables, squashes, and even dark chocolate in your regimen has shown to reduce swelling in the body. Spices such as cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric are all commonly known ingredients to ease swelling. We want to share this divine, chickpea coconut soup recipe we found that integrates all of these nutritious flavors into one dish.


The ways in which we physically move through our world are important to regulate through stretching and exercise. There are two conditions that primarily affect women’s feet — Plantar Fasciitis and Varicose Veins. Both can be attributed to overuse, swelling in the legs/feet, and pregnancy.

Not only are daily movement routines key for targeting trouble-areas, but they help us maintain a stable body weight–alleviating pressure on our feet. We have included some rudimentary stretches meant to prepare your paws for all the summer activities on your list.



If there is one self-care practice you take away for good this summer, let it be this — CBD foot care! Using organic CBD topicals can be an indulgent way to help your skin recover from the sun. Leanna Organics’ CBD Foot Cream is our tool for healing sore leg muscles and dry, cracked feet. It is formulated using powerful essential oils such as apricot kernel oil, moringa oil, and emu oil. They are equipped with antioxidants to prevent the formation of free radicals in the body.

Our soothing CBD Foot cream aids in the creation of an after-sun aromatherapy session that will leave you feeling nourished and full. Bright notes of citrus amidst the cleansing scents of Eucalyptus and Peppermint tingle and cool your senses in contrast to the heat of the season. The organic and raw butters work their magic alongside the calming presence of Aloe Vera, returning your skin to homeostasis.