Protecting Earth: Our Greatest Responsibility

Posted by Jess Renfer on 4th Feb 2022

Protecting Earth: Our Greatest Responsibility


The Earth offers every primary resource needed for life to survive, and without it, life simply would not exist. Over the last couple of centuries, these resources have been carelessly used, and our exploitation has damaged the environment. The planet needs our help, and we have every obligation in protecting Earth from further destruction for our future generations.

But you may be thinking, “I’m only one person; how can I help protect mother nature?”

It all starts with the individual. The choices we make in the things we consume, our recycling, and reusing can make a positive impact in protecting Earth. Most of the damage Earth has sustained is from consumption. The key is not to stop consumption altogether but to be more mindful of our habits and activities that affect the Earth and choose more Earth friendly products. 

You may have heard of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” numerous times on TV, on your social media timelines, overheard it in a classroom or work setting, or maybe saw billboards or posters about it

But how does that play into everyday life? 

It could look like you and your family making more environmentally conscious decisions when purchasing goods and avoiding using disposable goods discarded in landfills. Disposable goods such as lighters, plastics, paper cups are typically single-use items and need to replace each time they are used. It becomes costly for you and your family and the companies that produce these goods and their carbon footprint.

Protecting Earth

Reusable grocery bags reduce the amount of plastic in this world.


Another way you and your family can act is to use cloth bags when buying groceries instead of opting for plastic grocery bags. In fact, plastic bags kill around 100 marine animals every year! Reusable bags are easy to clean, completely recyclable, and compostable and could replace hundreds of plastic bags yearly per individual if used routinely.

This is a simple and affordable way to adjust your impact on consumption!

Lastly, hemp fabric is a great alternative when buying clothing. Hemp is one of the most robust and most durable fabrics available! It has triple the tensile strength of cotton and can easily be blended with other fibers to produce a hemp-hybrid material. This technique is used to help retain the power of hemp fibers while also having the soft comfort of more refined fabrics. Hemp grows fast, has a natural resistance to numerous insect species, and requires no pesticides to grow. The cultivation of hemp has a relatively low environmental impact and makes it ideal for adapting to a greener lifestyle.

At Leanna Organics retail store in Westminster CO we have recycled paper bags, no plastic!


Hemp Fiber is a durable and renewable material.





What about businesses? Do they have obligations in protecting the Earth?

As our world changes, businesses need to adopt new, greener methods to ensure their products and operations are protecting Earth. This may look like producing a more Earth friendly product or making more environmentally conscious efforts in limiting its impact on the environment. All businesses are responsible for ensuring that their activities are being performed sustainably.

The UN World Commission on Environment and Development has a great definition of sustainability: “sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It’s the balance between environment, economy, and equity. It knows that our resources are finite and should be used conservatively so future generations are not left with our consequences.




At Leanna Organics, we are proud to be a green company. We are committed to protecting Earth with Earth friendly products such as our CBD lip balm with aluminum jars and hemp body soap with zero plastics and eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, for our CBD gummy and dog biscuits, we used paper instead of plastic packaging!

We also strive to make environmentally conscious decisions at our CBD shop in Westminster, CO. In fact, Leanna Organics was recognized as the 2020 Colorado Environment Leader for the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). The ELP “is a statewide program that aids organizations in Colorado in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their operation through assessing growth opportunities, recognizing success, and providing connections to like-minded businesses for 23 years.”

Our building is equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting, and we invested in a smart thermostat to help decrease our energy footprint. We hardly use plastic in our packaging, and the plastic we utilize is recycled. In the future, Leanna Organics is planning on transitioning to hemp plastic which is 100% biodegradable and a more sustainable product! But for now, we utilize hemp in our organic soap bags. These bags are an odorless and hygienic fabric that preserves your soap and helps it last longer! Our bags are resistant to mold and mildew and converses the natural oils rather than letting them dissipate in your bathtub or shower!

Hemp soap bags are sustainable and will preserve your soap longer


Leanna Organics is also a member of the Westminster SAGE program, promoting sustainability in businesses by providing assistance and tools to become more Earth-conscious. Their services are available to all business owners, landlords, tenants, managers, and more located in Westminster.

Leanna Organics is dedicated to becoming a part of the change we need to ensure Earth’s future. We donate monthly towards The Nature Conservancy, which is determined to make significant environmental differences by 2030. They find alternative ways to solve climate change and biodiversity loss in more than 70 countries and territories.

Want to find more businesses like us? Check out our partners at E-CO Alternatives and grab their green passports! You’ll find special discounts for over 20 amazing environmentally conscious companies such as Leanna Organics, which work hard to protect Earth and all its inhabitants.

This Blog was written by Jess Renfer

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