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Leanna Organics watermelon CBD gummy 25 MG is a delicious treat that is calming and will help you rest!


What makes CBD different than traditional remedies is that it is versatile. There are many ways to take and use CBD, and each has its benefits.

Unlike our organic CBD oil, consumed sublingually, and topicals such as CBD salve, which is rubbed onto the skin, CBD gummies travel through the digestive system. It has been long thought that emotions reside in the stomach. The gastrointestinal tract produces neurotransmitters called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which are known to control emotions such as fear and angst.

As a result, ingesting CBD like Leanna Organics CBD gummy 25 MG is a soothing and calming experience.

And at Leanna Organics, we think self-care shouldn’t be a chore. Therefore, we made our 25 MG CBD gummy tasty and easy to consume. Our gummy is made with natural ingredients and has a sweet and slightly sour watermelon flavor. We take pride in offering the most organic gummy that tastes great with third-party tested CBD.

Taking our gummy at night, or when you feel overwhelmed during the day, is a treat, and we know it will help you relax and not be overpowered by the pressures of life!



“I probably overeat these! They are so good and help me relax and rest at night. I love the sour watermelon flavor!” – Scott.






●        Made with 25 MG of isolate-based CBD.

●        A total of 750 MG (30 count) or 1500 MG (60 count) per bag of pure CBD!

●        Our gummy is made with natural ingredients and flavoring.

●        They have a slightly sour and refreshing watermelon flavor.

●        Circle and half-circle shapes.





●        Our gummies are calming and will help you rest better at night.

●        They are made with earth-based ingredients and are vegan.

●        Taking our 25 MG gummy is a delicious treat that makes taking CBD daily easy.

●        We use sustainable packaging with very little plastic, so you don’t have to harm the earth in your pursuit of wellness.






At Leanna Organics, we think that nature is the most potent pharmacy. Our natural products, like our CBD oil, CBD salve, CBD bath bomb, and massage oil, change how people think about wellness. CBD is more accessible than other solutions, you don’t need a prescription, and you can buy it just about anywhere. People are taking their health back into their own hands with CBD, and we are proud to be part of an industry helping many people.

Our 25 MG CBD gummy is our latest plant-based remedy.

We started with third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD. We test our CBD not only to ensure no intoxication but to guarantee that it is free from toxic elements such as heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Additionally, we selected only natural ingredients for our gummy. CBD is a holistic alternative. Therefore, it was essential for us to select only organic ingredients that won’t harm our users.

The cherry on top is that our CBD gummy 25 MG is yummy! With a delightful watermelon flavor, it is hard to eat just one, but we urge you to take it slow and build it into a daily routine to realize CBD’s most profound benefits.




"I love the taste, and they help me rest and manage when life gets to be too much!" - Mechlo M






Leanna Organics CBD shop in Westminster, CO, is a self-care oasis. Our shelves are packed with plant-based remedies for skincare and wellness. We even offer CBD for pets so that your furry family member can benefit from that natural goodness of CBD.

Our CBD gummy is always fresh and made with love and care. We believe CBD is the future of wellness. We say this because we talk to people at our store whose lives have been changed by it almost every day. People who can rest better at night with our gummies. People who are not overwhelmed and can stay calm with our CBD oil. People have clearer skin thanks to our CBD face cream and CBD body cream. Naturally, since we are such pet lovers, our favorite stories are about how it helps people’s pets!

We welcome you to visit our artisan CBD shop if you are local. Everything is made by hand in small batches. We think we have the highest quality CBD gummy 25 MG Westminster CO offers, and we welcome you to travel the wellness path with us. Please stop by today, pick up a free CBD sample, and browse our organic selection of self-care goods.




"Honestly, they are really good and work so well for me. I like the higher MG. It gives an extra boost." - Tavia Samora






Serving size: 1 piece

Amount per serving: Calories 15

Calories from fat: 0

Total Fat: 0g

Saturated Fat: 0g

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg

Sodium: 0mg

Total Carbohydrate: 3g

Dietary Fiber: < 1g

Sugars: 3g

Protein: 0g

Calcium: 2 mg

Hemp-derived CBD: 25 mg



All CBD is made from industrial hemp.

Ship with a third-party certificate of analysis.

30-day Money Back Guarantee.






Colorado-grown hemp-derived isolate-based CBD, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavors, and Natural Coloring.




Take 1-2 Gummies per day.




The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding before using any Leanna Organics product.




12 months from the purchase date.



Use as directed

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Keep out of reach of children








No! We made our 25 MG CBD gummy with isolate-based CBD. Isolate CBD is an isolated molecule of CBD, which means that the THC has been stripped away, and our gummies are 99.99% CBD. As a result, our gummies do not produce a high, and you can take them anytime without fear of intoxication. They are calming and relaxing and will help you manage a stressful day and allow you to rest better at night.




Yes! At Leanna Organics, we are guided by the natural and holistic model of health and understand the benefits of eating organic. Therefore, we selected only natural ingredients that come from the earth and are free from foreign chemicals. Additionally, we third-party test our CBD to ensure it is free from hazardous materials like pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. We take every precaution to ensure you get the most natural and safest CBD gummy on the market.




Yes! We love animals at Leanna Organics; therefore, we selected ingredients not derived from animals. Many gummies on the market are made with gelatin, a protein produced from animal bones. Our recipe is free from the cruelty of many gummies yet still tastes great and infused with the highest quality CBD!



  • 3
    Gummies 25mg

    Posted by Kim on 21st Mar 2023

    I was skeptical about these because CBD has done nothing for me in the past. These help with sleep, but haven’t really noticed any other difference. Too pricey to continue.

  • 5
    Love them even more than the blue raspberry!

    Posted by Taryn on 28th Feb 2023

    You really can’t go wrong with any of the Leanna Organics CBD gummies! All have such great flavor and I feel like I sleep more soundly as I take them before bed.

  • 5
    Love these gummies

    Posted by Stacey Lopez on 24th Feb 2023

    I'm in love with these gummies. I had difficulty sleeping all night, but after taking one CBD gummy, I sleep all night. It's a tasty reward before bed.

  • 5
    These gummies are GREAT!

    Posted by Auntie C on 23rd Nov 2022

    I previously took two at bedtime of another gummy product but so far it's only taken one of these to sleep thru the night. Thanks! they're awesome

  • 5
    The taste good!

    Posted by Mechlo M on 20th Oct 2022

    "I love the taste, and they help me rest and manage when life gets to be too much!" - Mechlo M

  • 5

    Posted by Scott M on 20th Oct 2022

    “I probably overeat these! They are so good and help me relax and rest at night. I love the sour watermelon flavor!” – Scott.

  • 5
    Love EM!

    Posted by Tavia Samora on 20th Oct 2022

    "Honestly, they are really good and work so well for me. I like the higher MG. It gives an extra boost." - Tavia Samora