The Wellness Path

Posted by Scott on 9th Mar 2022

The Wellness Path



"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe affects our state of well-being." - Greg Anderson


At Leanna Organics, we are proud to be part of the wellness industry. We talk to people every day at our shop in Westminster, CO, about how CBD has helped them in one way or another. Products like our CBD salve helps people cope with unbearable discomfort without the unwanted consequences of traditional solutions. Similarly, CBD oil provides a natural and plant-based way for people to rest more easily and not be overwhelmed mentally and emotionally.

However, CBD is only a part of the wellness path for us.

Our blog is filled with wellness tips about living a holistic lifestyle. We’ve covered subjects such as the benefits of eating organic, meditation, and more. While CBD certainly makes life easier and provides an earth-based alternative to many pharmaceuticals, proper health comes from daily movement and exercise, eating healthy, and processing negative emotions.

Hence, our blog focuses on self-care. Self-care is a way to take your health back into your own hands. The path to wellness is paved with daily decisions about what you eat, how you deal with difficult emotions, and how you move your body. Additionally, self-love is required because, without a sense of worthiness and care for oneself, it is difficult to put out the effort and change in lifestyle that the wellness path requires.





Self-care no doubt requires discipline, but it also requires self-love.

Let’s face it; change is difficult. It may be easy to hit the gym for a few days or even a few weeks and to eat healthy when you are prepared and still motivated is not hard. But what happens after the newness and excitement of the diet or exercise routine wears off?

Unfortunately, being creatures of habit, many fall back on old patterns of behavior ingrained in the psyche. Like water following grooves, you are channeled towards specific thoughts and actions programmed at a very early age.

Ways of thinking and doing become established as you move through life. These habitual patterns and mindsets, such as laziness, limiting beliefs, and weak willpower, keep you stuck in negative patterns, unable to make positive changes.

Fear is at the root of much of this negative, limited mindset and self-defeating actions. It immobilizes you and makes it difficult to change because you are emotionally debilitated.

Leanna Organics wrote about emotional intelligence and the process of healing yourself in previous blogs because until you face difficult emotions such as fear, you will be stuck in patterns of self-sabotage with a narrow perception of what you can achieve.

It is true that you can pop a CBD gummy when you feel overwhelmed and things get hectic. However, true psychological healing comes from integrating dark emotions and learning to love and accept yourself.

This is where change can occur; when you accept and love who you are and become committed to being the best you, only then do you find the willpower to keep going through the rough parts that inevitably pop up.


“Unless you are being emotionally rewarded for something, you'll eventually stop doing it, no matter how much willpower you have.”- Mark Manson.


Facing the fear that underpins limiting beliefs is an essential part of the wellness path. It will help you stay disciplined when laziness and temptations to eat unhealthy foods are present.

Indeed, it is an act of self-love to exercise even when you don’t want to and choose healthy foods even though you are craving fast food and sweets.



Eat whole, organic foods as much as possible


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”― Hippocrates


An important thing to remember about the path to wellness is that it is more than just one thing. Self-care is a holistic activity because everything is connected. From how you think and feel and move your body to what you eat.

Eating healthy is difficult because we are surrounded by unhealthy foods: convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, processed foods, and GMOs. Even at our grocery stores, there is a large section of food filled with chemicals and sugar and few healthy organic options.

To exasperate the problem, much of what we were taught in school and on TV about eating healthy is funded by the industries that make and sell our food. A conflict of interest that has played itself out inside the bodies of Americans who increasingly have health and weight problems.

Nutrition is a significant part of the wellness path because the food we put into our bodies affects our health positively or negatively. Therefore, sorting through the misinformation and practicing restraint when passing certain food establishments or certain isles of the grocery store is worth the extra effort.

Leanna Organics’ wellness tips include eating whole, organic foods and avoiding processed foods and GMOs. We also recommend not consuming too much sugar because it upsets the PH balance inside the body and causes dis-ease. Eating healthy can seem overwhelming, with various options and opinions. However, committing to eating more fruits and vegetables and eating organic whenever possible is a simple action that most of us can take.

Eating organic is indeed more expensive. However, this is where the self-love we discussed in the previous section kicks in. When you care for who you are, you care for what goes into your body. Therefore, spending 10-30% more to get natural foods expresses love towards self.

Besides, the cost of being proactive about wellness is offset by less reactive spending in the form of medical bills and poor health. And the good news is that your vitality and overall wellness improve as you eat organic, non-processed foods and regulate sugar intake.

Processed foods with preservatives and GMOs have served the need for quick, inexpensive food that can be mass-produced easily and stored for a long time. However, many are starting to understand that cheaper and bigger fruits and vegetables are not necessarily better and that food that can be bought through a drive-through might be a detour from the path to wellness.



Yoga is an excellent wellness practice that heals the body, mind, and soul


“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.” Anonymous


The human body was meant to move. When we stay static for too long, hunched over a computer or lounging on the couch for hours watching TV, the energy in the body becomes stagnant, and muscles tighten. Over months and years, muscles deteriorate and shorten, pulling your body out of alignment and into a state of chronic tension.

Healing practices such as massage therapy, chiropractic work, and acupuncture can help loosen up tension, align the spine, and open energy channels in the body. However, only exercise rebuilds muscle and gets the blood flowing to stagnate, deteriorated areas.

The beautiful thing about exercise regarding the wellness path is that there are many ways to move your body. We are all different, and what is an enjoyable form of exercise for one might be torture to another. Therefore, it is essential to find an exercise routine that you like and that goes with your lifestyle.

We have written about yoga and qigong in previous blogs because both have been helping people for thousands of years and have now been verified by modern science. Additionally, both have a direct focus on aligning the spine. Considering that the spine is a major energy and information pathway of the body, spine alignment is at the core of health.

Our wellness tips about exercise are to keep trying different things until you find something you like. Learn to love the grind and even the pain of your workout routine. Make it a priority and something you do no matter what. Our inner critic or limiting beliefs often stop us from making changes; you must learn to keep showing up and ignore the temptations to skip a day and instead keep pushing.

Lastly, treat yourself to the calming restorative power of a hot soak with a CBD bath bomb after your workout. It will help you recover and ease body tightness and discomfort.




The wellness path is a diverse road with many trails and converging ways. It comprises three main elements: emotional wellbeing, healthy eating, and body movement. The route can’t be traversed without a deep sense of care and love for oneself because change is difficult. Learning self-compassion and acceptance can help create a new version of yourself in your mind. One that deserves to look and feel your best.

With this mindset, you can be picky about what you put into your body because it is a temple for the being within. You can be disciplined with the form of exercise you choose and understand that some thoughts and feelings are temporary and that just because you don’t feel like working out doesn’t mean you can’t.

It is here that we find that self-discipline is a form of self-love.

Change does not happen overnight. Though you may feel the positive effects of eating healthy and exercising right away, the more profound benefits happen over months and years. Therefore, you must prioritize self-care and be consistent in your practice. Make it a sacred part of your day.

No one can or will walk the wellness path for you. Setting aside 15 minutes to an hour a day to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit is honoring your being so that the best parts of you can come forth.





Leanna Organics is a wellness company located in Westminster, CO. We seek to heal the world with natural hemp products and holistic tips and advice via our blog. We are advocates of self-care and natural, non-chemical products. Everything we do is based on this understanding and philosophy of care for oneself and organic, earth-based non-toxic, and safe items.

Our plant-based line is infused with third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD. Additionally, our products are made by hand, in small batches, with great love and good intention. The result is the highest quality CBD products that redefine self-care and assist our fellow travelers on the wellness journey.

We offer free CBD samples and tons of body care essentials such as organic CBD oil, CBD topical Salve, organic CBD massage oil, organic CBD bath bombs, CBD foot cream, CBD body cream, and hemp body soap. We even provide CBD for your furry family members, with CBD oil for pets, and CBD dog biscuits.

If you are local to Colorado, please stop by our CBD shop in Westminster, CO, send us an email, or give us a call if you have questions.




CBD is an earth-based wellness alternative that millions of people now rely on daily to help with problems in the body and mind. CBD has been nicknamed “the Swiss army knife” because it does so much. From assisting people in resting better at night, relaxing the mind, and easing body discomfort. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. However, CBD is psychoactive and will make aches more bearable and overwhelming mindsets less intense.

There are two primary forms of CBD: Full spectrum and isolate-based CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil is a whole-plant remedy that includes other cannabinoids besides CBD. Isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD. Additionally, Leanna Organics infused hemp seed oil into many of our body care products. The difference between hemp seed oil vs CBD oil is that hemp seed does not include any cannabinoids, including CBD. However, hemp seed has skincare properties and nourishes the skin biome with vitamins and fatty acids.

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