How Much Does It Really Cost: a First-time Doggo Parent Guide

Posted by Arielle Lowe on 9th Jul 2023

How Much Does It Really Cost: a First-time Doggo Parent Guide


Having a pet is a big responsibility, and when it comes to dogs, the level of commitment is even higher compared to other animals.

Dogs require a lot of attention, and they especially need someone who is able to play with them and take them on walks regularly.

However, just having the energy and time to give your dog the tender, loving care it needs is not enough, as you also need to spend money on your canine companion.

But how much is it going to cost you to own a dog?



There's a lot of misconception that pets, in general, are cheap & easy to look after. The truth is, there are a ton of small costs that quickly add up. Stuff like food, toys, and natural remedies like CBD oil for pets and other supplements are not inexpensive.

Not only that, the initial purchase price of a dog is a big upfront expense. Unless your new furry friend is a gift, there is a cost to getting them back home.

Unfortunately, there's no one size fits all answer for this stage, as many factors can influence the cost.

For example, the breed can heavily influence the price of your new best friend. Small dogs like Chihuahuas are relatively cheap due to low maintenance costs & upkeep. However, on the flip side, a larger teddy bear like a Tibetan Mastiff will likely cost you a pretty penny.

Another thing to consider is where you will buy your new best friend. When looking for a dog, knowing the difference between going with a shelter and a breeder is essential.

Generally, shelters are considered the best option. Not only due to the affordability, but these are dogs that need homes, that have been left by their previous owners or never had a dream home, to begin with.

On the flip side, licensed and qualified breeders do have their unique advantages in terms of breed purity. However, this route is often discouraged due to controversies around maligned dog breeders who are not licensed.

CBD is not inexpensive, yet it is natural, and works really well for dogs.

     2. FOOD

Obviously, dogs need to eat, so you need to get some food for them. But it's more than feeding, you have to make sure they're well-fed. The overall cost of dog food will fall somewhere between $20 and $60 per month on average, with common factors in determining this being the size of the dog and the quality of the food.

Many Leanna Organics customer mix CBD isolate with their dogs food as a way to get their daily CBD. It is less expensive than the oil and its odorless and tasteless qualities won't disturb your dogs sensitive nose or pallet.

    3. TREATS

Closely related to food is treats. Giving treats to your dog, including CBD dog biscuits, holds significant importance in their overall well-being. Treats serve as a valuable tool for training, rewarding good behavior, and strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. When it comes to CBD treats, they offer additional benefits that can enhance your dog's wellness, making them calmer with less discomfort.

    4. TOYS

While the most important thing is to feed and maintain your pet's health, you also need to give them something to have fun with. You can find a lot of toys that are relatively affordable, such as bones, squeaky toys, rope, and more.


Grooming is important for dogs, and you don't want to let the dog go too long without being cleaned and pampered. Not only does it make them look better and take a lot of weight off them, but an un-groomed dog is not unlikely to experience health issues as a result. Expect a grooming session to be somewhere between $30 and $90.

Veterinary care is an expensive, but vital practice that brings healing to beloved pets.



This figure is going to be variable based on many different factors. For example, some dog breeds experience health issues more often and more severely than others, and thus, you should expect that this may be the case if you pick that breed. In some cases, it's so bad that Norway banned the breeding of the English Bulldog and the Cavalier King Charles.

Despite those two breeds being special standouts, they are by no means the only dog breeds with health issues. Golden Retrievers, for example, experience multiple issues, up to and including cancer. No matter what dog breed you're getting, make sure you are well read on any health conditions they may have in the future so you don't run into an unexpected bill.

Yet, even if you don't have to worry about these issues, it's also expected that you'll be visiting the vet frequently anyway. It is, after all, important to make sure that they're fine, and if possible, catch a health condition while it's a small issue instead of when it's a big one. The average cost of a routine check-up for a dog ranges between $50 and $250.

As your furry friend grows older, you may find that the vets will suggest using supplementation & cbd ointments to help them stay comfortable, these of course will also come at an additional cost.


While it's important to tend to your dogs the best you can, it isn't realistic that you would be able to do that each and every day. In this case, hiring someone who can watch your dog or take your dog on a walk while you're busy is invaluable to taking care of your pup. The price of such services ultimately comes down to how much work the attendants will have to do.

   8. PET FEES

If you rent your place, well, first you need to make sure that the homeowner is okay with owning a dog. Some homeowners don't allow any pets, while others may allow some pets but not others. And even if you can own a dog, you're almost always going to have to pay a fee if you want to have one.

One risk to account for as a dog owner in an apartment is that, if you move out, you could very well end up losing your security deposit if your dog did a number on the hardwood floors or ripped up anything. A lot of homeowners aren't exactly excited about giving it back, so you need to be mindful of whether you want to assume that risk.

Despite the costs, dogs are invaluable because they embody love and joy!



In conclusion, owning a dog comes with various costs and responsibilities. From the initial purchase of the dog to ongoing expenses, it's essential to be prepared for the financial commitment. Factors such as breed, where you acquire the dog, food, treats, toys, grooming, vet visits, and pet fees all contribute to the overall cost of being a dog owner.

Additionally, considering potential health issues and the need for additional supplements like CBD for pets can further impact expenses. While dogs bring joy and companionship, it's crucial to understand the financial implications and plan accordingly.

Responsible dog ownership involves budgeting for their needs and ensuring their well-being through proper nutrition, healthcare, and mental stimulation. By being prepared and making informed decisions, you can provide your furry friend with a loving and fulfilling life while managing the financial aspects of being a first-time dog parent.

Owning a dog is expensive, but anyone who has ever owned one will tell you they are worth it. Dogs are our best friends, our loyal companions and they bring so much joy and love into our lives.

Written by Arielle Lowe