Pet Care During COVID

Posted by Kat on 24th Apr 2021

Pet Care During COVID


The pandemic forced many of us to stay inside, encouraging home-based activities such as pet ownership. For some pet owners, stay-at-home orders provided the opportunity to adopt their first dog. For others, the free time allowed a new addition to join their pack. After one year into the pandemic and life slowly going back to normal, Kat’s K9s put together some tips to overcome common obstacles.

Note: If your dog needs more in-depth attention, please consider reaching out to a dog trainer or behaviorist for professional help. For Colorado residents, we recommend reaching out to Pawsitive PAC Creations LLC Dog Training.


Establishing a routine is just as crucial for people as it is for dogs.

We recommend keeping up with a routine that includes-

  • Sleep: a regular sleep schedule will ensure that your dog’s system can function properly, their energy levels are normal, and most importantly -the human can get some sleep, too!
  • Exercise: for those working from home, using breaks to get out of the house can help prevent canine (and human) boredom. Letting your dog take their time to sniff during walks can provide mental stimulation without requiring too much time. We recognize that working from home can present challenges and may not allow pet owners to leave the house quickly. Some dog owners in Colorado schedule professional pet care through Kat’s K9s, enabling their pets to enjoy uninterrupted time away from home. Pet care can be a dog walk, daycare session, adventure day, and more.
  • Grooming & Health: we recommend keeping up with the basics such as bathing, brushing, and nail trimming. To help maintain your dog’s weight, restrain from giving your pet too many snacks and maintain their diet. Mobile, in-home groomers, and veterinary services are usually readily available for pet owners who need professional assistance.
  • Enrichment: if regular exercise is not an option, your dog may benefit from indoor activities to keep its mind stimulated. Providing toys or puzzles that encourage licking, chewing, or nose work can help satisfy your dog while you work from home.

Nothing makes most dogs more happy than a walk around the neighborhood


As restrictions lift in Colorado, some dogs may be left alone for the first time since 2020. Give your dog plenty of toys to keep themselves busy while you are away. High-value rewards such as a chew toy stuffed with peanut butter or cheese (freezing this will make them last longer) can help your dog associate being alone with this activity. Gradually increase time alone and reward with treats for good behavior or enthusiastic praise. Patience and persistence go a long way for this exercise. If your dog can achieve peace while alone, this can help prevent stress, along with destructive or vocal behavior.

  • Alone Time: practice leaving your dog alone for short periods at a time. When you go, do so calmly and without fanfare. Upon returning home, ignore your dog for a few minutes so they can learn to soothe themselves. Don’t forget to leave plenty of toys and activities to keep your pup distracted.
  • Crate Training: implementing the use of a crate can provide your pup with a safe place to relax. Find a containment system that is appropriate to their size, and fill it with comforts that they enjoy. Blankets, beds, toys, and treats will make the crate its own and ease separation nervousness. While in the crate, feeding your dog or providing a high-value treat will help them associate it with a positive activity.

Dog is man's faithful companion


Time at home is the most formative for dogs. Owners can take this time to consistently expose their dogs to a variety of noises, textures, tastes, and smells. Socialization can also include time with other dogs and people. If you notice that your dog struggles with a particular issue, focus on making that experience positive by luring them with treats and rewarding them with praise.

Many Colorado owners use Kat’s K9s’ pet care to help facilitate supervised playtime with other dogs to help with socialization. Daycare, boarding, and one-on-one outings can help many dogs learn positive behaviors separate from their owners and homes.

Cats and dogs need plenty of toys to play with


Quarantine can be a confusing time for dogs. A considerable chunk of Kat’s K9s customers had to pause using our services for various reasons related to the pandemic. For some dogs, the sudden decrease in visitors intensified their sense of territory. Before you re-introduce new people to your pet, we suggest preparing your guest with high-value treats. Always allow your dog to approach the new person/dog first. Do not reward your dog for negative behavior, but continue to be patient and offer encouragement.

  • In a neutral environment: give your dog space to ensure they are calm and comfortable before allowing them to meet new friends. It is best to introduce them to a well-behaved dog who is familiar with different situations.
  • In your home: confine your dog to their crate or a room. Allow your guest to get settled, then release your dog when they are relaxed. Let them approach your guest at their pace.

Disclaimer: If your dog is known for aggressive behavior, do not attempt the exercises mentioned above. Please consult with a trainer or behaviorist to determine any underlying issues before being exposed to new people or dogs.


Now that you and your dog are ready to take on the challenges presented by COVID-19, you may need some extra help. Leanna Organics makes a CBD oil for pets to help ease discomfort and reduce separation nervousness. It can also help with joint issues and more. They recommend administering the oil orally (directly into their mouth or on food/treats) for at least three weeks to notice improvement. You can read more about the use of CBD for [Cats and] Dogs here. To place your order, you can visit their website. Best of all, they make high-quality CBD products for both humans and pets.

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This blog was written by Kat from Kat’s K9s. Kat is an animal lover and the owner and operator of Kat’s K9s who offers affordable and award-winning pet care for all pet owners in Colorado. 844.854.8055




About CBD:

CBD is a mild, non-intoxicating, and non-habit-forming remedy that comes from nature. It gently, but effectively decreases nervousness and discomfort in humans and their furry friends. Also since the skin is covered in CBD receptors it can be rubbed directly onto the skin to promote softness and resilience. Discover how CBD can assist you and your best friend on the path to happiness and wellness!


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