CBD for cats and dogs

Posted by Scott on 19th Apr 2021

CBD for cats and dogs


Let’s face it, we love our cats and dogs, and most pet owners would do just about anything to keep their loyal best friends healthy and feeling well. However, our furry buddies are not able to communicate when there is something wrong with their bodies like humans do. Because of this, many pets suffer in silence, dealing with bodily discomfort, and nervousness quietly while still providing unconditional love to their lucky owners. CBD for cats and dogs can help change this fact by helping our little angels move with fewer problems, and not be overwhelmed by nervousness. It is a natural way for our pets to be relieved of discomfort and cope with ease.

CBD mimics compounds made internally in all mammals.


All mammals have the same internal balancing system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The chief responsibility of the endocannabinoid system is to balance the operations of the body and to achieve homeostasis. CBD binds molecularly with receptors made for molecules that our bodies produce naturally. These receptors are centralized in the immune system and the central nervous system. In fact, there are more cannabinoid receptors in mammals than any other type of receptor. While this system is present in humans and other animals alike, dogs and cats have a slight advantage to humans when it comes to CBD. The difference between humans taking CBD and CBD for cats and dogs is that pets respond even faster than humans. By giving CBD oil internally to your pet, you will notice a difference in as little as 2-3 weeks. Versus humans who typically have to take it a month or more to reap the benefits.

CBD for pets is natural, mild, and effective


As our pets get older, they become more and more immobile and slower to move around. There is no doubt it is due to irritation below the skin that is non-visible to our eyes. Whether it is joint discomfort, an organ or muscle issues, or a combination of different ailments, it lowers the living quality for the animals we love most. We can counteract at least some of these harmful effects making the lives of our pets easier and less uncomfortable with a daily regimen of CBD oil for pets.

While CBD topicals such as CBD salve soothes soreness immediately, we have found the CBD oil, an internal remedy, is the best option for dogs and cats. The oil can be dripped onto their favorite food or biscuits, or you can give them CBD oil directly into their mouth. With consistency, you will notice less discomfort as your pet walks and runs within a few weeks.

CBD is a natural remedy that can help older dogs and cats with body discomfort.


Dogs and cats are faithful companions; they keep us company and give us love without asking for much in return. Most dogs and cats are filled with love. The reason for this is that their frontal cortex is not as developed as humans, so they don’t feel as many difficult and complex emotions as we do. However, they do experience troublesome feelings. Often, the thing that makes pets upset is separation from their owners. It can be very stressful for a pet to be left alone the whole day while their human parent is working. Also, puppies are often born all over the place with excitement or agitation. Because CBD is a mild and natural relaxant, it can assist with separation angst as well as the unbridled enthusiasm of a puppy who can’t contain itself. Also, it can be used for pets during loud and somewhat traumatizing experiences such as the 4th of July fireworks and thunderstorms. There is no other solution that is safe and works as well for uneasiness in pets than CBD for cats and dogs.

CBD is a natural remedy for nervousness in pets


Cats and dogs are far more sensitive to the effects of CBD than humans. For this reason, we recommend starting a low measurement of CBD oil for pets – between 2 – 6 mg depending on the size of your pet. CBD is non-toxic. What this means is that it is safe and won’t harm your pet. However, there can be minor complications, such as nausea, if you give your dog or cat too much. The most common problem we see with CBD for cats and dogs is vomiting due to taking too much CBD. It is best to start at a low amount of CBD and steadily increase when you don’t see improvement in their movement or disposition. We recommend CBD for cats and dogs once daily, and as needed for worry and mental unease. Once again, it is important to remember that consistency is key. Give your cat or dog CBD for 2-3 weeks, and we are certain that you will witness for yourself the mild and natural balancing effects of CBD.

Are you ready to give CBD a shot for your pet? Try Leanna Organics’ CBD oil for pets, which is 99.99% CBD cannabinoids. Or try our full-spectrum CBD oil for pets, which has small amounts of other cannabinoids. Beef-flavored; your pets will love them! Administer orally or onto food or favorite treats!


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