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Leanna Organics’ CBD is the highest quality of botanical nutrients extracted from nature’s finest, the hemp plant. It is an antioxidant that can reduce skin irritation, balance oil production, and prevent free radical skin damage. CBD’s effects upon the skin are enhanced when used daily, and CBD skincare products can easily be integrated into your skincare regimen. If you deal with stubborn conditions, like excess sebum production and clogged pores, it will be an excellent addition to your beauty routine and will make your skin look radiant!

CBD skincare products vitalize the driest, harshest skin conditions and grant your skin a rejuvenating, luminous glow. The versatility of CBD beauty covers all types of skin, which is effective for tranquilizing the most extreme, uncomfortable skin environments. The skin’s microbiome is often deprived of the nourishment required for healthy skin to thrive. Moisturizing your skin with CBD bodycare and CBD face care products will provide the necessary nutritional healing your skin needs. Embrace the soothing, calming sensations induced by nourishing your skin’s microbiome with Leanna Organics’ CBD skincare line.



Leanna Organics' CBD for skincare lifestyle
CBD for skincare - CBD face cream

The benefits of CBD for skincare extend to all skin-types; normal, oily, and dry skin





When CBD interacts with the skin receptors, it targets the hormones responsible for causing skin flare-ups. The sebaceous glands contain two types of endocannabinoid-responsive rectors, called CB1 and CB2.  If there is any dysregulation in how these receptors function, skin conditions, like clogged pores and redness, are triggered. Sebum overproduction contributes to acne, and therefore CBD for skin assists with the reduction of lipid production in the sebaceous glands. 

Adding CBD skincare products to your beauty routine will have a positive effect on the look and feel of your skin. However, the benefits of CBD for skincare extend beyond the skin, Leanna Organics CBD body cream helps with joint and muscle discomfort, and our CBD face cream and CBD eye serum will decrease redness and irritation below the skin. 





Leanna Organics offers a broad line of all-natural CBD beauty products that are free from toxic chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Our CBD bodycare products are infused with a large measurement of hemp-derived, third-party tested CBD. 



Leanna Organics' CBD body cream is a natural moisturizer with a luxurious smell and texture



Leanna Organics CBD body cream is a smooth, organic moisturizer that feels luxurious and smells divine. CBD’s powerful ability to fight free radicals, coupled with nature-based essential oils selected for their skincare properties, makes our CBD body cream the ultimate daily skin moisturizer!

Are your feet sore, and worn out after a long day on your feet? Our CBD foot cream is a plant-based remedy that will not only moisturize your sensitive feet but also release tension and discomfort. 



CBD for skincare CBD foot cream

CBD foot cream will moisturize and relax tension after a long day on your feet



Need a massage? Try our CBD massage oil for solo or couples massage. Our oil is the supreme CBD bodycare because it is made with organic essential oils and the finest CBD extracts Colorado offers!

Or why not address your entire skin and body at once with Leanna Organics’ CBD bath bombs? CBD bath bombs are the new must-have because nothing will relax you like soaking in a hot bath with our organic bath bombs after a long stressful day.





In addition to Leanna Organics body care products, we provide plant-based CBD beauty products for the face, and they are free from toxic chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Our CBD face products are for a variety of skin types, such as normal, sensitive, combination, and oily. They tackle problematic areas prone to irritation, redness, or clogging through deep pore penetration, microbiome vitalization, and skin cell repair and reproduction.



CBD for skincare - CBD face cream and CBD eye serum
CBD for skincare - CBD face cream and CBD eye serum

Leanna Organics' CBD face care line is all natural and infused with hemp-derived CBD



Our CBD Face cream consists of botanical ingredients to maximize skin nutrients, soothe overly sensitive skin areas, and protect the skin from free radicals, which results in an illuminated, relieved, and detoxed epidermis. 

Tired of dealing with stubborn, malnourished skin? Try our Leanna Organics CBD Face cream! It moisturizes, hydrates, and nourishes your microbiome, penetrating deep into pores and providing an intensive solution for redness, clogged pores, and irritation.


Are you constantly dealing with dark circles and bags under your eyes? Our CBD eye serum would be perfect for you. It rejuvenates and lightens the area around your eyes, promoting a youthful, lively look. 



CBD for skincare - CBD lip balm - CBD lip care

Leanna Organics' strawberry CBD lip balm 



Have your lips been consistently dry and chapped from harsh weather conditions? Vitalize your lips with our CBD lip balm. It soothes your lips with a smooth, silky texture and hydrates the skin immediately. 








CBD for Skincare has a wide variety of benefits. It penetrates the skin’s microbiome, balances the skin’s microorganism ecosystem, nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, soothes skin irritation and redness, and alleviates bodily discomfort. Leanna Organics CBD beauty products are all natural, with essential oils and vitamins carefully selected to enhance the look and feel of the skin.



CBD for skincare - CBD beauty

Moisturize your skin everyday for soft and healthy skin





CBD is a neuroprotective antioxidant, and it is more effective than Vitamin C and E. It assists with detoxing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress. CBD skincare products assist with calming down skin irritation and redness associated with common skin issues. Leanna Organics offers a comprehensive line of CBD beauty products to protect and harmonize your skin!





Leanna Organics’ CBD skincare line covers many different areas for beauty benefits or wellness purposes. Our CBD body cream consists of a whipped, buttery texture with plant-derived ingredients, used for the driest, harshest skin environments. Interested in CBD face care? Our face cream, lip balm, and eye serum consist of botanicals and pure CBD-extracted ingredients for moisturizing the microbiome and nourishing the epidermal cells on the face. Do you need complete CBD bodycare? Our CBD bath bombs are wonderful for calming the mind, tranquilizing the muscles, and making the skin soft!



CBD for skincare - CBD beauty - CBD face cream
CBD for Skincare - CBD face cream

The delicate skin of the face requires all-natural face care products that won't irritate it





Yes! CBD for beauty is perfect for reducing signs of aging, promoting youthfulness, and replenishing skin elasticity. Leanna Organics’ CBD skincare line provides products like CBD face cream and CBD eye serum to moisturize the most delicate skin areas on your face and keep your skin looking young and healthy!





Yes! Our bodies contain cannabinoid receptors, apart from the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which allows it to be permeable through our skin. When used topically and applied directly, it immediately interacts with the skin. It is not intensive or deep enough to penetrate the blood-brain membrane and enter the bloodstream as consumption does, however it works well enough to enter through the pores to counteract dryness and irritation instantly. 



CBD for skincare - CBD beauty - CBD facecare
CBD for skincare CBD face care

CBD is a powerful antioxident that interacts directly with receptors located in the skin





The benefits of CBD for skin are versatile for many types of skin conditions, such as redness, irritation, dryness, and clogged pores. Since our skin contains cannabinoid receptors, the CBD is absorbed through the microbiome, directly hydrating, nourishing, and healing problematic areas. Our CBD skincare line provides face cream, eye cream, and lip balm with non-intoxicating, all-natural ingredients derived from nature.