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Isolate-Based CBD
Preservative Free
3rd Party Tested CBD
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A potent CBD balm that works within minutes to ease discomfort.


Leanna Organics' CBD salve is the future of wellness. Say goodbye to complicated conventional solutions. CBD is plant-based and natural. Moreover, it is versatile. You can take it orally like traditional solutions, and because CBD receptors are abundant in the skin, you can rub CBD salve directly on your skin for faster relief.

Our CBD salve is the highest quality balm on the market because it infuses hemp-derived CBD with organic ingredients and is made in small batches, with love at our CBD shop in Westminster CO.

We are guided by the natural, holistic wellness model. Accordingly, we take the extra step of using only organic ingredients and independently testing our CBD. These test ensure you get the most potent CBD, free of THC and toxic elements such as pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.

Third-party tested CBD and organic, earth-based essential oils, vitamins, and roots make this a true plant-based balm with the power to give you relief!



"I love this salve so much! I bought the 500 mg option and it helps me tremendously. Every day after my workout I rub this into my ankles, which are weak and sometimes hurt, and I haven't had problems in them since I started doing this! Highly recommend (:"-  Kaydee

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THC Free, Pesticide Free, Solvent/Heavy-Metal Free





The skin is the largest organ in the body. Consequently, it is abundant in CBD receptors. The network of receptors that CBD and other similarly shaped compounds interact with is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is a system of connections that link the body's various systems. These links allow endocannabinoids, which are internally produced cannabinoids, to establish communication, balance, and homeostasis between the body's systems.

CBD, a cannabinoid found in nature, has a similar molecular structure to compounds produced in the ECS. Therefore, researchers named this system the endocannabinoid system – because scientists had already encountered this class of molecule in a plant.

CBD salve works within minutes when applied topically.

It works because the skin is abundant in ECS receptors. And because CBD is a natural, earth-based compound that interacts with receptors found in all mammals.



●        It is available in five strengths; 500mg, 1000 mg, 2000mg, 4000mg, and 5000mg.

●        Our salve is available in four attractive scents; Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Natural.

●        Leanna Organics' natural salve is made with organic, earth-based ingredients.



●        We infuse our CBD salve with the purest Colorado extracts to ensure it works quickly.

●        Our CBD is independently tested to assure there will be no intoxication or harmful elements in it.

●        Leanna Organics hemp-infused salve is potent, with up to 5000 mg.

●        It is made with ingredients that penetrate the skin for profound relief.




●        500 MG - 2 OZ - CBD by Volume 2.5%

●        1000 MG - 4 OZ - CBD by Volume 2.5%

●        2000 MG - 4 OZ - CBD by Volume 5%

●        4000 MG - 4 OZ - CBD by Volume 10%

●        5000 MG - 4 OZ - CBD by Volume 12.5%



"I have a problematic knee and this salve gives me tremendous relief; especially after a long day on my feet. Couldn't be happier. Will definitely be reordering." - Winnie
30 days money back guarantee, not tested on animals, preservative free




Though CBD does not cure or prevent any diseases, it makes life easier. CBD is a natural wellness ally that will help you get through your day or rest sounder in the evening.

You may still feel discomfort with our natural hemp salve; however, CBD will lower it and make it more manageable. As a result, people suffering can cope with more ease during the day and rest better at night.

Equally as important, CBD is plant-based and natural.

Which means you can use our 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2000 mg, 4000 mg, or 5000 mg salve everyday without worry. The hemp plant has been around for thousands of years, our ancestors used this sacred plant in numerous ways, as fiber textiles, for nourishment, and for medicinal purposes. And now Leanna Organics is proud to bring you the nature-based benefits of this mirculous plant.





"As a fitness instructor, I am constantly trying to help my body recover and rest as much as possible. This salve feels so good on my feet and knees, as I am a spin instructor and this is where I feel the impact most. I also put the salve on my temples if I am feeling extra tense. I can't recommend this product enough! It also smells really good and has a creamy, smooth texture." - Rae

Not tested on animals, third-party tested, preservative free





All CBD is made from industrial hemp with .3% THC or less.

Ships with a third-party certificate of analysis.

30-day Money Back Guarantee.





100% hemp-derived Colorado-grown CBD, organic raw cocoa butter, organic raw shea butter, organic olive oil, organic grapeseed, organic coconut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, aloe vera oil, organic soybean oil, emu oil, lanolin, lecithin, kaolin clay, orris root, vitamin e, beeswax, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, ylang-ylang, tea tree oil. Eucalyptus – peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Lemongrass – lemongrass. Grapefruit – grapefruit essential oils.




For best results, gently massage the salve into the skin of the problem area. It can be used daily or as needed.




The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding before using any Leanna Organics product.




12 months from purchase date.




For external use only

Use as directed

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Keep out of reach of children





No. Not if you are using Leanna Organics CBD salve. We third-party test our organic salve to ensure there is no THC present. Additionally, because topical CBD does not enter the bloodstream, there is little chance for intoxication anyway. Instead, our CBD balm will relieve and make more bearable the discomfort you feel within minutes.



No. Leanna Organics makes our hemp salve with CBD isolate that is 99.99% CBD cannabinoids. We third-party test our CBD to assure of this. Leanna Organics products all come from industrial hemp and are free from intoxication and the "high" that THC is known for.



Creams are great for skincare, they are better than a lotion because have more oils and vitamins, however, salves penetrate the skin deeper and last longer. The receptors that CBD interacts with are below and skin and by applying our CBD ointment the compounds penetrate deeper beyond the surface, helping the body feel relieved and relaxed. Additionally, a little bit goes a long way with salve. Compared to a cream, our salve is thicker, with more oil and covers the surface more efficiently.



CBD Salve 500mg Eucalyptus



Leanna Organics uses organic oils and natural ingredients in our hemp-based salve. Additionally, we independently test our CBD salve to ensure no pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents are in our quality CBD. At Leanna Organics, we are about the holistic, organic lifestyle, that is free from chemicals. So, it is only natural that our salve would be organic. Check out our reviews for testimonials from other customers.



CBD comes from nature in the cannabis plant. Industrial hemp is a highly regulated industry that grows and processes cannabis free from THC. The cannabis plant has been around for tens of thousands of years, and there has never been a confirmed overdose. Additionally, Leanna Organics CBD is third-party tested to ensure there is no intoxication. Try CBD for yourself with our FREE CBD samples.





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  • 5
    Pain relief

    Posted by Eileen Bushey on 12th Jun 2024

    i cannot believe the relief I have gotten from this product! I had a lizfranc fracture many years ago and had surgery and I have suffered for years! I am so happy with the results I have gotten! I wish I knew about this product years ago!!!

  • 5
    Helps my legs

    Posted by Maria on 8th Mar 2024

    Use the salve for leg pain, worked great

  • 5

    Posted by Alexandra Mihalcea on 24th Dec 2023

    I have been using this product for several months, and I can say that it is something amazing, two weeks ago I woke up with a terrible pain in my shoulder that went down the muscle, and I used this ointment morning and night for three days and the pain went away. .Thank you for this amazing product! plus it's organic.

  • 5
    Leanna's 5000MG CBD is my forever go-to for pain and discomfort/ I even apply on my forehead when I feel a headache coming on. My joints are very happy since using this CBD.

    Posted by Dee on 2nd Dec 2023

    I believe in this CBD and use it daily! Thanks again Leanna!

  • 5
    CBD Salve

    Posted by Heather Wheeler on 17th Oct 2023

    This stuff is amazing!! I had a car wreck in 1999 and broke my ankle. I have started having issues with it swelling and it has started becoming very painful. I saw a surgeon but put it off due to downtime. I used this and I have no pain or swelling.

  • 5
    Very effective and smells hood

    Posted by Carolyn on 12th Sep 2023

    I’m a repeat buyer. Great products

  • 5
    Game Changer!

    Posted by Tanya on 14th Jun 2023

    This product has been a total game changer in my life. I have very painful achilles tendonitis and have tried every option except surgery thus far with no success. The minute I tried this product I had instant relief. I can walk normally again and do things that I was not able to for over a year pain free! I cannot stress how grateful I am for this product. The lemongrass scent is awesome!

  • 5
    Salve 500mg

    Posted by AnthonyBranco on 6th Jun 2023

    The product works very good keep subpoena away for 4 to 5 hours I’m so happy with it thank you

  • 5
    CBD SLave

    Posted by Karen on 24th May 2023

    I love this. My daughter who ran the marketing at the mall got me. I just bought another for shoulder, neck and back pain. It’s a miracle working!! Takes the pain away in minutes. Love that. I reviewed it on my Insta page and they loved it. @karenthebargainfindergirl