Ciara Muir




Ciara is the creator of the Magic Muir which Is a sanctuary for souls to discover the deepest levels of healing and remembrance of their Divinity. She is a mother and a lover before taking on the role of being the healer for everyone that is drawn to her medicine. The path of becoming a healing practitioner fell into her lap when she decided to take her healing into her own hands when her psychiatrist declared that she needed to be on medication for the rest of her life to be “normal.” It was that very declaration that began her tribulations and activation into the art of healing. 

She weaned herself off of antidepressants and began addressing the roots behind her mental dis-ease. She began to heal all of her trauma through soul retrieval practices in which she learned through her guides in meditation. Ciara’s journey was purely spirit-led, not having anyone physically guide her other than the voice of her Soul.

She dedicated six months in complete isolation to understand the depths of her pain while simultaneously learning how to energy heal, collect the fragments of her soul that were remaining in past timelines and rewrite the codes to reality. It was during this time of isolation where she was guided to begin taking on clients to assist with their healing… the beginning of how the Magic Muir foundation was created. 

She began to explore the art of womb healing and began clearing out this portal to creation intuitively before she became pregnant with her son Titus, which spiraled her deeper into the path of healing generational trauma through womb work and inner child healing. When she was six months pregnant Titus, she opened up her practice to inner child healing up until the day she gave birth and even two months after she had him.

When Ciara became a mother, it activated her into deeper levels of understanding and awareness of the trauma the womb holds. She paused on taking as many clients so she could heal the remaining trauma that was stagnating in this space. Which led to her discovering a cancerous tumor that was on the left side of her ovaries. She went to a few practitioners to help with the healing of this tumor, but each time she left, her intuition would tell her that it was meant for her to heal. She was able to dissolve the tumor through energy healing by uncovering a lifetime of womb trauma through sexual abuse and self-sabotage. This was one of her biggest tribulations that activated her ability to heal cancer in her clients. She is now opening up her practice to healing both physical and mental diseases. She understands that any kind of emotional or physical turmoil is a result of an energetic blockage caused by trauma. Working with the seven energy centers is the foundation of her practice. 

Ciara has written three blogs for Leanna Organics, the process of healing yourself, how to treat depression without antidepressants, and the healing breath. Her favorite Leanna Organics products are CBD bath bombs and CBD oil.

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