The Process of Healing Yourself

Posted by Ciara on 24th Apr 2021

The Process of Healing Yourself

The Process of Healing Yourself

Healing is a process of shedding the layers of anything that is not unconditional love.

When you are ready to put an end to suffering, know that you have all tools within to not only heal yourself but to live the life that you desire; the dream relationship, peace of mind, financial freedom, sincere friendships, unwavering happiness. Everything that you ever hoped for can be obtained through the process of healing yourself.

You see, your external world is a reflection of your inner world. If your experiences are chaotic, stressful, disappointing, or anything that isn’t what you desire, then it’s an indicator that you have healing to do. These experiences are coming to your awareness to show you what needs to be healed. Instead of feeling defeated in the face of adversity, I invite you to step into your power, knowing that you have the ability to shift your external reality. By doing this work, by being brave enough to rip the Band-Aid off and face the pain that is being stored within your sacred body

So what does becoming your own healer look like?

It’s a process of shedding all the layers of negative programs from your being, which melts away as you acknowledge your pain. Allowing it to release however it is needed to be expressed. Feeling the emotions as they surface grants you the opportunity to completely shed the existing program that isn’t serving you for your highest good so you can reprogram with a program that is indeed serving you.

A program is a pattern, belief, or any way of being that is dictating your current reality. This journey is a process of shedding and reprograming these aspects of yourself. To create healthy patterns, which therefore shift your own personal reality as well as the collective reality.

Discovering the healer within is a very sacred process in which you develop a relationship with yourself, becoming the mother, the father, the lover, the friend, the teacher, and the healer that you may have needed throughout your life and in this now moment. Learning how to nourish and honor yourself, in whatever ways that your soul desires.

Giving yourself space to fully process and be with the emotions and triggers that arise.

Contemplating negative patterns and discovering what events in your past created that program to exist in the first place. Observing yourself becoming triggered and wanting to react, but instead pausing before you respond. The following modalities can be utilized as a tool to discovering the healer within:

  • building a relationship with your body
  • self-love practices
  • surrendering to your emotions
  • journaling

The process of healing involves getting in touch with the heart

The Process of Healing Yourself: Building a Relationship with Your Body

Developing a relationship with your body is the most important aspect of this journey. It sets the foundation for your healing. Your body is your temple. It deserves to be nourished and worshipped as so. Building this relationship with yourself, allows you to see just how important it is to take care of yourself. You begin to realize just how much your body actually does for you, it always processing food for you, pumping blood to create your life-force, cycle oxygen throughout your body to nourish your cells, repairing tears in your muscles which allow you to walk the beautiful earth that we live on.

Understanding the miracles that your body performs on moment-to-moment basis fuels your desire to heal because it helps you understand just how special you really are.

Having this relationship with your body helps you pinpoint the area in which you have a negative imprint stored. When you experience a strong emotional reaction or anything that you perceived as trauma, it creates an emotional imprint that is stored within your body. As you begin to develop an awareness of what triggers, you can tune into the sensations that arise in the body when you are triggered. Allowing you to breathe into that physical sensation in the body, in which you can access the memory that limiting program was created. Which will therefore allow you to heal this aspect of yourself.

Here are some exercises that can help you build a relationship with your body:

  • Pausing and connecting to your body before you eat a certain food to see how it will respond.
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises (Belly breaths).
  • Being fully present while exercising, focusing on the movements and work that your body is going through as you are performing.
  • Consciously self-soothing as you are facing emotional turmoil, by gently guiding yourself through the pain.
  • Speaking loving words to your body (your cells are listening).
  • Checking in with your body periodically throughout the day by asking yourself: What does my body need today?
  • Getting your body moving when you are feeling energetic heaviness.
  • Understanding the phases of your menstrual cycle and how it affects your energy. (The follicular phase, proliferative phase, luteal phase, and secretory phase).
  • Paying attention to how your body clenches and tightens when around certain people. 

Self-care is self-love

The Process of Healing Yourself: Self-Love Practices That Strengthen Your Self-Healing

Loving yourself is the driving force that will guide you into becoming the best version of yourself. When you truly love yourself, you want the absolute best for you. When you love yourself the same way that you do for your lover, children, friends, or parents, you realize that you deserve the absolute best. Someone who loves themselves will do anything that it takes to reach the life that they desire. This is why self-love is another key aspect of self-healing.

Loving yourself is difficult for many, especially in a society that raises people-pleasers, so know that it is entirely normal to feel uncomfortable when beginning these steps to self-love. It takes time to even fully feel like you love yourself. It takes practice.

Some exercises that help you establish self-love:

  • Start each morning with a routine that helps you feel connected to yourself.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Write love letters to yourself.
  • Take yourself out on dates.
  • Write about what you wish to accomplish in a journal.
  • Gaze into your eyes in the mirror and compliment yourself.
  • Speak out loud to yourself or in a voice memo whenever you are struggling or when you accomplished
  • Give yourself a hug.
  • Create your own sacred ceremonies.
  • End your night with a nighttime routine.

The Process of Healing Yourself: Surrendering To Your Emotions

Your emotions are your teachers, they are here to guide you. Your intuition speaks through your emotions, granting you the understanding of what needs to be brought to your awareness to assist you with letting go of what isn’t serving you.

Listen carefully. Breathe into your emotional reactions to discover the message that lies behind them.

The emotions that surface along this journey can be very turbulent, which is why it is so important to surrender to what is surfacing. When you repress your emotions, it is stored within the body, creating pressure over time, eventually leading to an explosion, so the deeper embedded emotional reactions can be a lot to navigate.

Give yourself the space to fully allow what is coming to the surface, to fully surface. These feelings just want to be fully acknowledged and loved, before releasing completely from your being. The quicker you surrender to the emotional responses, the quicker they will move through you.

Examples of the act of surrendering:

  • Expressing the emotion however it needs to be expressed. Whether that be through crying, punching a pillow, jogging it out.
  • Utilize healthy modalities to move through the emotional reaction instead of avoiding.
  • Allowing instead of feeling defeated for having the feelings.
  • Getting on your hands and knees into child’s pose and allow the emotions to overtake you.

Journaling can help you understand and release negative emotions

The Process of Healing Yourself: Journaling

Writing out the thoughts, feelings, traumas, limitations and anything that you are struggling with is a way to declutter your mind. It is also a great way to understand the reasoning behind your thought patterns and ways of being. When you write out an issue you are struggling with, you can dissect how the pattern was formed.

Your journal will be your best friend through the process of self healing. It is also so beautiful way to keep track of your journey, so you can one day look back a certain moment in time and see how much you have actually transformed, which will inspire you to keep going.

Self Healing Journal topics:

  • What are some ways that you are currently sabotaging yourself?
  • What caused you to have a distrust in the world?
  • Do you honestly believe in yourself? If not, w hat created this pattern of disbelief?
  • What are your limiting beliefs and where were they formed?
  • What are your fears and where are they stemming from?
  • What is that you want to change about your life?
  • What makes your feel insecure?
  • What lights your soul on fire?
  • What was one of the most traumatic experiences of your life and how is it impacting you today?

Self-healing is the journey for warriors. You have to be brave enough to face all that has been deeply buried within your psyche, but doing so gives you the freedom that you crave. You must anchor your roots firmly in darkness in order to reach the highest levels of heaven. It is indeed possible to feel the state of JOY on a daily basis. Through my own personal experience, I went from barely existing, wanting to die every day, to thriving and living the life I have always dreamt of having. It took work to get to this space. It was a process of shedding anything that isn’t unconditional love, which took me four years to reach this state of wholeness.

REMEMBER: When you heal yourself, you heal everyone in your proximity, your family, your ancestors, and the future generations to come. With each person that heals themselves, we become one step closer to becoming a healed planet. 




This Blog was written by Ciara Muir

As a coach, energy healer, inner child practitioner and astral guide specializing in trauma, soul fragmentation, and spirituality, Ciara uses the modalities that she was gifted through meditation. She began this journey of self-healing when she decided to become her own healer after quitting antidepressants cold turkey. This allowed the universe to activate and fully wake her up to the power that lies within her very own being. All the veils that were clouding her vision, melted away as she reconnected with her soul’s purpose. Fully guided by her intuition and connection to the Universe, she spent six months of isolation where she spent all of her time in meditation, which allowed the universe to channel through these techniques, initiating her on her Shamanic Quest. She was revealed how to travel between alternate states of consciousness and dimensions, in order to retrieve the fragmented pieces of her soul. As she was healing herself of all her trauma and she began to practice these techniques on clients that are intuitively led to her. Ciara has guided over 150 people towards healing within the last year, leading these beautiful souls to access their own unique healing abilities and unlocking their power. She demonstrates the soul retrieval technique on her clients, while simultaneously sending energy healing to the current blockages within their body. Ciara encourages everyone she works with, to build a relationship with their own intuition, instead of relying on her or anything external for the answers. If you would like to learn more about or contact Ciara, you can find her at




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