Leanna Organics CBD Face Cream – 500 mg


CBD face cream

Leanna Organics CBD Face Cream is a hand-selected culmination of botanicals and pure, Colorado-grown CBD extracts that come together to offer you our illuminating facial moisturizer. This satiny, hydrating cream is handcrafted with 500mg of organic CBD isolate to ensure each daily application is packed with ingredients designed to soothe tenderness while encouraging the formation of fresh, radiant skin.

Each and every element of our CBD Face Cream was chosen not only to provide lasting, deep hydration of the skin, but also for their ability to create the ultimate layer of skin protection from free radicals. Our recipe features Tamanu and Orange peel oils that activate the skin and purge toxins, as well as Sea Buckthorn and Watermelon extract. The latter prove to be excellent sources of restorative antioxidants and essential vitamins that give your skin a natural, luminous glow.

Sea Buckthorn 

-dense in carotenoids, which reduce skin redness and strengthen the epidermis

-charged with vitamins and minerals to deliver an elastic suppleness to your skin

Tamanu Oil

-powerful antioxidant properties that promote the growth of new tissues

-carries antimicrobial qualities that eliminate toxins in damaged skin

Sweet Orange Peel Oil

-stimulates circulation and exfoliates to maintain the resiliency of your skin cells

-potent antiseptic abilities to regulate oil production and fight acne-causing bacteria of the skin

Watermelon Fruit Extract 

-displays high bioavailability of lycopene, a reparative antioxidant

-boasts Vitamin A proficiency, which aids all layers of the epidermis in replenishing vitality

Grown from industrial hemp – .03% THC or less – All order ship with third-party test results

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Balance your endocannabinoid system with Leanna Organics CBD face cream.

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