Leanna Organics CBD Wholesale

Leanna Organics CBD Wholesale


Now is the time to add CBD products to your offering. Conservative numbers indicate that CBD will be a 4.2 billion-dollar industry by 2026. No matter if your business is chiropractic, massage, healing, retail store, or just someone that wants to sell to family and friends, Leanna Organics is the perfect CBD partner.

Due to it’s natural, non-addictive, and non-toxic qualities CBD will be the preferred alternative to habit-forming, non-accessible pills and over-the-counter options that are harmful to the liver and other organs.

If you are looking for wholesale CBD wellness and skincare, look no further. Leanna Organics offers a wide selection of handcrafted self-care products made with love from third-party tested CBD and mostly organic ingredients.

Our wholesale CBD program offers a generous discount for our partners. Wholesale CBD partners also get a lot of love of social media, backlinks on our website which will help with SEO, and we support our partners by providing free samples for their customers and anything else needed to be successful.

We have done the hard work of creating luxurious, effective,  and well-designed products. Our clients love our brand and keep coming back. We know that you will experience the same as a CBD wholesale partner.

Are you interested in becoming a Leanna Organics partner? Email [email protected] for wholesale pricing

Check out our latest third-party testing here.

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CBD Wholesale

Leanna Organics has a wide selection of CBD infused self-care products. CBD is an excellent addition to your product line that you can sell at your retail store or place of business. We offer a generous discount for our partners and an affordable price for the end-user. All while still offering the highest quality third-party tested CBD products that are made from mostly organic products.

Are you interested in adding CBD to your store? Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will send you more information including our wholesale pricing brochure.

Check out our latest third-party testing here.

Balance your endocannabinoid system with Leanna Organics CBD face cream.

Learn how CBD works here.

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