A Holistic Alternative

Posted by Scott on 19th Apr 2021

A Holistic Alternative


CBD is a holistic alternative to more dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals. One of the most attractive qualities of CBD is that it comes from nature and doesn’t need pesticides to grow. Organically grown hemp CBD does not contain harsh chemicals that are habit-forming and toxic. This is important because many are fed up with traditional health options and seek to substitute with something safe and mild.



adjective: holistic

“Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease” – Google

Another factor that makes CBD a holistic alternative is how it works compared to more hazardous pharmaceuticals. No matter if it is discomfort or nervousness, it will make it more manageable. How much depends on the person and their body. Most older people will notice a sizeable improvement. But young people may not feel it at all if nothing is ailing them. 

A holistic approach includes eating healthy.


For me, it takes the edge off. It makes the things that disturb my body and mind not so overwhelming. CBD oil is a holistic alternative that has allowed me to take my health back into my own hands. No longer do I rely on numbing prescription pills that disconnect me from my body. I choose a mild and natural option that allows me to tune back into the messages my body sends. There are intelligence and wisdom that is there if we but pay attention to it.


Our bodies require movement, nutritious food, and lots of water. Our minds depend upon engagement, rest, order, and acceptance. When we don’t get enough of any of these things, our bodies will let us know. This message is called pain. It comes in many forms and should not be ignored. When we pay attention, we find that by changing mental, social, and dietary factors, we move closer to wholeness.

Yoga and meditation are primary tools in leading a holistic life.

It is no coincidence that people who have gravitated to CBD are generally into a holistic lifestyle. Unfortunately, we can’t take a pill that will make all of our problems in mind and body go away. Non-natural health solutions will promise it. But the answer is within. Our bodies hold much intelligence, and ignoring its signals is a mistake. Often discomfort from our bodies is a signal that something needs to change. As we move better, eat better, and integrate negative feelings that are blocked with pharmaceuticals, we become stronger.

Traditional pharmaceuticals have a much different philosophy. They often cover up the message or make us blind to it. While in the process, making the person who takes them physically addictive. CBD is a holistic alternative that allows us to still hear the information that is coming to us from our bodies while not being overwhelmed. In the process of integrating the negative feelings, moving and feeding our bodies better, along with a little CBD to make it less difficult – We can move towards wholeness.

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