Scott Mollenkopf



Scott is the co-owner of Leanna Organics and is responsible for writing content and the company’s SEO and marketing efforts. He is a father of 3 and married to Leanna Organics’ founder and co-owner, Tracy. A lifelong technologist, Scott started working in the technology industry in 1996 and is still involved.

Leanna Organics came about in 2015 with his wife Tracy making her own line of skincare products for friends and family. After discovering the benefits of CBD salve and CBD oil in 2017, the couple decided to move to Colorado, adding CBD to Leanna Organics and turning it into a business. They opened Leanna Organics CBD shop in Westminster CO in November of 2019.

Scott is an environmentalist committed to protecting Mother Earth, a passion that has carried over as one of Leanna Organics’ core values. Scott and Tracy have strived to find the most environmentally friendly packaging and business practices. 

They have also partnered and donated to local Colorado businesses and organizations that promote the sustainability and stewardship of Gaia. These organizations and companies include the Westminster Sage Program, Colorado’s Green Business Network, The Nature Conservancy, and E-CO Alternatives.
Additionally, Scott is dedicated to the wellness path and shares his journey via Leanna Organics’ blog, discussing holistic alternatives, energy healing, meditation, and more. He believes in the power of self-care and credits it and CBD salve for helping him recover from a back injury in 2017 and the chronic pain that followed.

A follower of the Buddhist faith, Scott is an avid meditator and yoga practitioner with a keen interest in all things spiritual. Scott also writes poetry and philosophy under MindFool on Twitter. You can find Scott on LinkedIn or send a message through the contact us page