Demystifying Energy Healing

Posted by Scott on 5th Oct 2021

Demystifying Energy Healing


Leanna Organics' blog is about natural and holistic healing and wellness. With a strong emphasis on self-care and preventative care, our goal is to assemble evidence-based wellness systems that actually work. For example, we've discussed yoga, meditation, emotional intelligence, inner-child healing, and daily self-care in previous blogs. We will dive deeper into these subjects in future blogs and discuss alternative wellness methods such as qigong, reiki, and other energy healing tools.

In this blog, demystifying energy healing, we will analyze the link between the body's energy and the emotions of the psyche. We will also explain the energetic basis of ancient wellness practices such as meditation, yoga, and qigong. New research validates the efficiency of these wellness systems. Also, It offers a glimpse into energy pathways in the body that Indian and Chinese sages wrote about 1000's of years ago in some of the oldest texts known to man.


The new science of epigenetics allows researchers to understand how behaviors and environment regulate and alter function in genes. It turns out that when we eat healthier food, deal with emotions, and exercise more, different genes activate for health and balance in the body.

It is common sense that eating healthy, and exercising brings wellness, but it is not something we hear often enough. In contrast, TV is inundated with back-to-back advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs and fast foods. Indeed, in a system that rewards the most profitable solution, the idea of a holistic lifestyle is quietly pushed aside in favor of a pill.

Epigenetics is a more holistic view of health and wellness that says that chemistry is secondary to lifestyle - that we can upset or balance neurotransmitters and hormone levels in the body with our mental states and choices in food and activity.

"Mainstream medicine is firmly committed to a better life through chemistry. The fact that we can change our physiology and inner equilibrium by means other than drugs is rarely considered." - Bessel Van Der Kolk MD

The root cause of health or illness is in an individual's lifestyle, diet, and emotional wellness. Pills may cause temporary relief; however, only a holistic lifestyle that embraces healthy eating, movement, and emotional balance brings proper long-term health.


The heartbeat is intricately connected to emotions and electromagnetic energy

Research done at Heartmath institute has helped us understand through the science of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) how emotions affect the body's energy. The human heartbeat is intricately connected to emotions. For example, when we are upset or nervous, our heartbeats are erratic and chaotic; when we are calm, they are even and predictable.

By analyzing HRV data over a 5-10 minute span, you can accurately predict the person's mental state.

Furthermore, with each heartbeat, an electromagnetic wave is sent out from the body. The average heart beats 60-100 beats per minute - a constant barrage of energy pulses that creates an electromagnetic signature that reflects emotions and can be measured from up to 20 feet away.

Heartmath institute researchers found that the electromagnetic energy field expands with heart-based emotions such as compassion and gratitude. In addition, when the mind calms through meditative practice, the nervous system relaxes, and HRV measurement becomes even and smooth.


Investigation into the brain's workings reveals that emotions reside in the limbic system, which operates on separate circuits that are older and faster than the thinking brain. In other words, emotions are below conscious command. And while it is true that the logical mind cannot control emotions, the mind is subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) influenced by feelings.

The research of neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux and his colleagues suggests awareness is the sole method for accessing the emotional brain.

"Neuroscience research shows that the only way we can change the way we feel is by becoming aware of our inner experience, and learning to befriend what is going on inside ourselves" - Bessel Van Der Kolk MD

The ancient practice of meditation is so effective in helping people resolve difficult emotions because it is a gentle method of observing without reacting. Instead of injecting thought and reason into the deep suffering of emotional trauma, mindfulness meditation allows us to face complicated feelings with non-judgment and awareness.

Facing our painful emotions is the key to healing.

Bessel Van Der Kolk MD's book "The body keeps score" outlines how when emotions and trauma is suppressed, they become trapped in the body. Similarly, Eastern philosophy says that when we repress and deny our feelings, the energy of the emotion becomes lodged in the nervous system. If the repression continues over months and years, the energy moves into the muscle tissue, specifically the fascia making it tight and constricted. If this tightness does not dissipate, the area becomes numb, and the muscles and fascia become frozen. Consequently, unprocessed emotions become unconscious chronic muscle tension.

Demystifying energy healing - meditaion

Meditation calms the energy of the body by relaxing the nervous system

Meditation relaxes the nervous system by stilling the mind. Our nervous systems respond to our thoughts. Most of us are so wound up - anxious and stressed about life. Some have deep trauma that drastically affects perception and thought negatively. As a result of stress, trauma, and worry, the nervous system in many is either chronically over-excited or frozen up - unable to feel emotions. Meditation allows the nervous system to find a balance between being over-stimulated or shut down. It interrupts the psychic knots of energy and emotion in the mind and body.

The key to demystifying energy healing is the link between emotions, electromagnetic energy, and more subtle forms of bioelectric energy in the body.


"Life-force, though it measures on no scientific instrument, is far from imaginary since it separates the living from the dead." - Mantak Chia

Electromagnetic energy in humans, which forms what is commonly referred to as the aura, can be measured and gauged by modern scientific equipment. In contrast, life-force energy, or what the Chinese call Qi (Chi) and Yoga philosophy named prana, is not directly detectable - even by our most powerful measurement tools. However, although the energy itself has escaped detection, there is evidence of the meridians or channels that this energy flows through as outlined by traditional Chinese medicine.

In 1995 Pierre de Vernejoul, a French researcher, injected radioactive isotopes into acupuncture points and monitored their movements. These unstable atoms traveled along the exact path of the meridians as described in Chinese healing arts, which was not through the vascular or lymphatic system. When the isotopes were injected into other spots in the body, they did not follow a route that vital life-force energy is said to travel.

"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner.

Demystifying energy healing reiki

Energy healing is a holistic and gentle practice


In addition to these channels or tubes that bioelectric energy flows through, called meridians (Chinese) and nadis (Indian), there are also primary energy centers along the spine where energy moves up and down. In Yoga philosophy, there are seven or more spinning energy wheels called chakras. Chinese Taoism envisions three energy centers (dantian). The concept and utility of each energy center in each culture are the same. However, ancient Chinese sages found a simplified, and some would argue a more elegant explanation.

The basis of yoga and qigong is the motion of energy along with these centers. They are movement and breath practices, stretches, and exercises that loosen up tight muscles and open the body. Yoga and qigong align the spine, which aligns the energy centers and opens them. Eastern thought says that energy and consciousness get trapped in out-of-balance chakras, hindering life-force energy and drastically affecting thoughts and actions due to the emotion of the out-of-balance energy center.

The ancient practices of yoga and qigong rebalance the energy centers in the spine. Each center has a balanced state where energy flow is optimal and an unbalanced state where the flow is blocked to various degrees. Like the body's electromagnetic energy, chakras are intricately related to emotions and are a tool to understand them.

Demystifying energy healing chakras 1

Chakra for healing: The root and sacral chakras

For example, the root chakra is about identity; when this chakra is out of balance, there is a lack of stability and trust - an underlying and unconscious feeling of danger or embarrassment. It is a commonplace for people who have experienced trauma to operate at this level of consciousness. Trauma robs people of their sense of safety. Consequently, the lens through which the world is seen is tinted with insecurity. When the root chakra is blocked, the muscles in this area usually are in a state of unconscious chronic tension and problems with elimination, and other areas close to this chakra, such as the legs and prostate gland, occur.

The sacral chakra is about creativity and sexuality. When opened, we are flowing with imagination and passion for life. However, when closed, we feel stuck - unable to feel pleasure in life and create art in its multitude of expressions. Those who have an out-of-balance sacral chakra often become hyper-sexualized before draining life-force energy and swinging to the other side of sexual dysfunction. Again unconscious tightening of muscles creates physical problems that mirror the issues of the psyche.

Demystifying energy healing chakras 2

Chakra for healing: the solar plexus and heart chakras

The third chakra, located in the abdomen area, is the solar plexus chakra. It is associated with vitality, desire, and self-esteem. When it is unbalanced, we chase what is not meant for us and become greedy and selfish. Furthermore, an unaligned solar plexus chakra creates chronic fatigue and digestive problems.

The heart chakra, in many ways, is the most important energy center because when the heart chakra is opened, there is the mastering of emotions - thus the energy of the body. When closed, there is attachment and possessiveness and a propensity to heart conditions. An open-heart chakra is about unconditional love, gratitude, and forgiveness. Indeed, this level of consciousness is the realm of saints and sages. However, with advances in understanding trauma and energy healing tools and modalities such as meditation, yoga, qigong, and reiki, more people will free themselves of dense heavier emotions and allow a mindset of compassion and love to flower.

Demystifying energy healing chkras 3

Chakra for healing: the throat, third-eye, and crown chakras

The throat chakra is about expression. When it is open, we feel free to express our deepest feelings and truths. When closed, there is denial and suppression. The third-eye chakra is related to our perception, and when obstructed, there is confusion. Lastly, the crown chakra is about connection to the spiritual world. When unaligned, there is a sense of disconnection and the emotion of grief.


Studies have concluded that stress and emotional difficulties are at the root of many health problems. Indeed, most illnesses are psychosomatic - involving both body and mind. We focused so much on emotions in this blog and previous blogs because the way we feel shapes and influences our health as well as our thoughts and actions. We eat junk food when we feel bad. We have negative thoughts when we are experiencing difficult emotions. In addition, when we are stressed or depressed, the heart beats at a different pattern that creates a different electromagnetic signature. Furthermore, not facing and processing difficult emotions reduces the natural strength of the immune system.

Because emotions are below conscious control, accessing them and releasing them is not easy. Most of us were unconsciously taught to push away unwanted feelings. Embracing them does not come naturally, and for someone who is dealing with unbearable trauma, depression, or self-hatred, it is not only counter-intuitive to accept emotions but terrifying. Equally important is the fact that emotions are stored in layers and getting to the source takes time and patience.

"As you heal, remember it's ok to heal the same wound over and over again, because you are healing its deeper layers." - Inner Practitioner

Healing crystals are thought to work with life-force energy

The evidence-based tools we know of for facing and overcoming difficult emotions such as emotional intelligence, meditation, yoga, and qigong take time and discipline to bear fruit. However, some don't have time due to illness and the pressures of life. Some deal with insufferable trauma, emotional issues, and sickness that require a more expedient form of healing. By working directly with the body's energy, we are moving closer to the source while bi-passing the difficult-to-access emotional levels.

While there is tons of research and evidence that back the efficiency of meditation, yoga, and qigong, there are sadly little to no studies on energy healing. However, the popularity of reiki, crystal healing, and other energy healing tools speak to experiential evidence for many.

"Because pharmaceutical drugs have become so profitable, major-medical journals rarely publish non-drug studies of health problems." - Bessel Van Der Kolk MD

My personal story with energy healing is that after discovering the importance of emotions a few years ago, I began embracing dark and burdensome feelings. However, after a year or more of emotional intelligence work along with yoga and meditation, I found myself stuck. A difficult emotion and memory kept popping back up at various moments in my life. I could not shake it by using awareness to soften into it, and this uncomfortable feeling was affecting my mental and physical health.

I started doing reiki energy healing earlier this year to let go of this negative feeling and heal finally. Immediately after one of the remote energy healing sessions, I experienced an emotional moment and a release. Since then, the dark emotion has not returned, and I have felt as though a heavy burden was lifted from my psyche.

I am perfectly willing to write off the phenomenon as a placebo effect. The placebo effect is a medically and scientifically validated experience that shows the power of the mind and our ability to heal ourselves. However, I understand that we are energetic beings. I believe that I chipped away at the negative emotion, getting to more profound layers before the energy healing finally helped me release it. Letting go of this wound has given me a new lease on life, and my mental and physical health has improved.

"Our bodies are the texts that carry the memories and therefore remembering is no less than reincarnation." - Katie Cannon

In conclusion, energy healing is an option for those open to alternative therapies that are safer and do not require taking pills or putting chemicals into the body. It is complementary healing that is holistic and addresses the energy of the body. Energy healing tools such as reiki, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and qigong, along with a healthy diet and supportive environment, can heal the wounds that we all carry in some form or another and help us lead an emotionally balanced life. Our emotions and energy are intimately related and dealing with difficult emotions is an arduous process; energy healing goes around emotions while still getting to the core issues. Many people have found energy healing more effective than traditional talk therapy and have found true healing through this practice.



Written by Scott




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