CBD for discomfort

Posted by Scott on 19th Apr 2021

CBD for discomfort





In 2020 we have a natural alternative that is non-habit forming and mild. CBD topicals like Leanna Organics CBD salve work right away to ease discomfort. This is important because America is still trying to pull itself out of the opiate crisis. 2018 data shows that 128 people are still dying every day due to opiates. Overuse and misuse of addictive pharmaceuticals have resulted in much death and suffering. Now we have a safe way to address the things that bother us and irritate our bodies. CBD for discomfort is the new approach with mild effects and no withdrawals.




CBD is a mild and natural alternative to addictive and lethal pharmaceuticals


I have always had back problems since I was a teenager. In the 1990s and throughout the 2000s, I experimented with various solutions such as yoga, pilates, ergonomics, acupuncture, and chiropractic. You can name it, and I’ve already tried it in search of relief. In the 2010s, it became apparent that my problem was sitting too much. However, my job required me to be in front of a computer for 8-10 hours, so there was no way around it. Therefore I decided to give yoga another try. Something deep down within knew it was the legitimate path. Because of yoga, my body was in excellent shape, however, my lower back ached. At this time, my yoga practice was still new and undeveloped, and I was fighting almost two decades of sitting and bodily inactivity.

In 2011 I experienced a serious back injury. I was doing sit-ups when it happened. It was a herniated disc that put me out of commission for a while. In the next couple of years, I spent time using Percocet to cope with the pain. It wasn’t a highlight of my life. Fortunately, I stopped using them in 2014. Everything became so much better after removing addictive pharmaceuticals from my life. Unfortunately, the pain started to turn into both lower back pain and hip pain. It got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and I refused to go back to pharmaceuticals.





Pain is a message from the body that should not be ignored


By 2016 life was blooming despite my aches and pain. I experimented with standing at my desk instead of sitting. I stand often at my desk. While the standing desk does get me off my behind, I can’t stand for more than 20-30 minutes due to hamstring pain and tightness.

It was apparent to me that while standing did aid, it also brought upon new problems that caused me pain and made it hard to work. Also, in 2016 I started taking CBD for discomfort. I tried CBD oils and vapes. Honestly, in the beginning, I was underwhelmed. But, I was taking it orally, which isn’t as fast-acting and I didn’t understand the importance of consuming it daily.

Also, the idea of a holistic approach was new to me – I was looking for a quick, easy way to feel better.

Increasingly, as my head cleared from the lingering effects of pharmaceuticals, I felt the signals from my body telling me that I needed to be more active. From personal experience, I knew that the answer would not be in the shape of a pill. Just as our bones, muscles, ligaments, and other internal parts are all connected – So is everything we face in life. After spending years searching for solutions, I knew for a fact that my lifestyle needed to be challenged and changed.






I decided to invest my money into the problem. Finding someone to work with me as a personal trainer was a great decision, and I spent over a year with him slowly but surely getting back in shape.

The hip pain and back pain continue, and my trainer helped me with exercises that strengthen my core. Now, instead of only using CBD for discomfort from excessive sitting, I was also using it as a tool for recovery. By this time, I was taking CBD oil internally every day and felt that I sprung back from my workouts quicker.





CBD salve is a topical ointment that works right away to minimize body discomfort.


In late 2016 I finally discovered CBD salve. After taking CBD internally for a few months, I could feel the mild natural balancing effect it is known for working its magic. Also, my recovery from workouts happened in less time, and I felt less nervous. There was still a lot of discomfort in my hips and back. Before late 2016 I consumed ibuprofen at least 3-4 times per week. I am pleased to say that I haven’t used ibuprofen since early 2017.

CBD for discomfort doesn’t wholly remove what bothers me. But if I use the salve in the morning, I do not get overwhelmed. It helps me get through my day with less frustration. For a father of 3 with a mortgage, bills to pay, and responsibilities that cannot be ignored, it is a lifesaver.

CBD salve worked well for me, which impacted our decision to move to Colorado and add CBD to the ingredients of Leanna Organics product which my wife had already been working on.

In 2017, we moved our family to Colorado. It was one of the best decisions of our lives. My wife and I worked hard on Leanna Organics, we spent unfathomable amounts of hours working without enough movement. After a year, my body returned back to its original state, back, and hip aches, and I relied on CBD for discomfort every day, specifically the CBD salve.

It aided me through the process, and eventually, I began walking and practicing yoga again.





Meditation is a natural way to calm the mind and relax the body.


The answer to body wellness is never just a one-size-fits-all solution. Everything we do in our daily routine, including what thoughts we think affects our health. My body started feeling better again when I started moving more and feeding it better. Meditation also helps me calm my mind. CBD makes everything slightly more manageable. I still feel what bothers me.

Now instead of trying to tune it out, I listen to it. CBD is a natural plant-based remedy that helps me not be overwhelmed. It is not a miracle cure for pain. It is a mild, natural, and non-addictive way to make the things that bother both mind and body more bearable.

CBD for discomfort is not about curing pain. It is about making what bothers you less overwhelming without blocking out the message. It is an entirely different philosophy than traditional solutions. The answer is not in a CBD oil bottle any more than it is in a pharmaceutical container. But CBD and a holistic lifestyle – there is a long term solution.

Taking CBD for discomfort does not solve all my problems. Yes, it helps me manage when things get overwhelming with my back and hips. But my lifestyle change, which is supported by CBD, is what truly helps me. CBD oil is something I use to take the edge off. It is an oral supplement that, when taken daily, enables you to find equilibrium. It is a natural remedy that I can walk away from without any risk of withdrawing.

Are you ready to truly address what irritates your body and mind, instead of just covering it up and blocking out the signal? The answer is within our bodies, we need but listen. CBD can support you along on this journey.


Written by Scott Mollenkopf