For locals to Colorado looking for the best CBD near me, look no further than Leanna Organics. Our line of self-care goods is made in small batches, with great love and care, and infused with the highest quality CBD extracts. Additionally, we independently test our CBD, ensuring that you get the most potent and pure CBD available in Colorado.

If you are visiting Denver or live in this area, stop by Leanna Organics’ CBD shop in Westminster, CO!

One of the things we often hear from people who visit our store is, “It smells great in here.” Because when you walk into our shop, the fresh aroma of essential oils greets you at the door. The smell is refreshing to the senses, and more importantly, our CBD will help you recover, relax, and feel new again.

Leanna Organics is the best choice for CBD near me, and we are honored to bring Colorado this plant-based remedy.



Mother and Daughter team Tracy and Tavia at Leanna Organics CBD shop




CBD oil is changing the world, and at Leanna Organics, we are proud to be part of this movement. CBD oil is different than conventional solutions because it is plant-based and is less complicated. We talk to people every day at our CBD store in Westminster, CO, serving Northglenn, Thornton, and surrounding areas, about how CBD has improved their life.

We talk to young people who finally have clear skin thanks to our CBD face cream. We hear stories about people who rely on CBD as a natural alternative. And people tell us how they are having the best rest of their lives thanks to our CBD gummy. Additionally, CBD for pets helps people’s furry family members recover and feel more whole.

CBD oil and CBD isolate are the main ingredients in all of Leanna Organics’ products, and for those searching for the best CBD oil near me, our line of plant-based remedies is in a class of its own. Just drop some of our organic CBD oil under your tongue, and within minutes you will feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

We welcome you to come into our store, grab a free CBD sample, and discover the best CBD near me, made with organic ingredients and the purest hemp extracts!


Leanna Organics CBD oil | near me



Leanna Organics is the premier location for Colorado locals to find CBD bath bombs near me.

What makes Leanna Organics bath bombs different than most bombs is CBD. The skin is abundant in CBD receptors, and as you soak in a hot bath filled with hemp extracts, the CBD is absorbed, helping you relax and recover. Hemp extracts and bath bombs naturally go well together, and our bombs are the highest quality CBD bath bomb available in Colorado.

Furthermore, our bath bombs smell divine!

We offer seven heavenly scents. Each one is infused with a different aroma of essential oil. If you are looking for a floral scent that is chocolatey, our cocoa lavender is the bomb for you. Conversely, if you are looking for a more therapeutic experience, our Eucalyptus and Chamomile scents are favorites of those looking to recover and restore themselves.

Our most popular scents are rose and oatmeal. People love the flowery scent of rose, and oatmeal is excellent for the skin! We also offer three different strengths: 50 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg. All made with third-party tested CBD.

No matter your preferred scent or required strength, Leanna Organics bombs are the best smelling and most powerful CBD bath bombs near me. Please stop in our store located at the Valle Vista Shopping Center in Westminster, CO, today for plant-based relaxation!



Leanna Organics CBD bath bomb | near me



For people of Westminster, CO, and the surrounding areas searching for the best CBD near me, Leanna Organics CBD gummy fills this need. We say it is the “best” because our gummy is non-GMO, vegan, made with 100% organic ingredients, and purest CBD extracts.

Additionally, our gummy taste great!

We used only 3 grams of organic sugar in our CBD gummies, along with a natural blue raspberry flavoring that makes our gummy easy to consume and something to look forward to.

Compared to CBD oil, CBD gummy is easier to take. They are premeasured with 15 powerful MG of CBD. Just pop one into your mouth, and within minutes you will be calmer and less overwhelmed. Additionally, CBD gummies help you rest better at night. Millions of people now rely on CBD to help them rest more sound, and unlike melatonin, it won’t make you wake up numerous times throughout the night.

For our fellow Coloradoans, we invite you to travel the wellness path with us. Leanna Organics makes it easy with the most organic and purest CBD gummy near me. Located in Westminster, CO, we are within driving distance of most Denver CO designations.



CBD gummy near me



Leanna Organics CBD salve is the future of wellness.

We know this because we talk to people daily at our CBD shop about how our CBD topical salve has helped them get through the day, assisted them in resting when the discomfort is unbearable and aids those looking to address problems of body.

What is more, is that CBD salve works almost immediately!

Just rub some of our salve onto your problem area, and within minutes you will experience a lessening of intense sensations and more ease. What allows such quick relief with CBD topicals such as Leanna Organics CBD salve is the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Discovered in 1990, the ECS is a network of neurons that helps the body communicate and find homeostasis.

Endocannabinoid receptors are abundant in the body, especially the skin.

Therefore, rubbing CBD topically is a direct and efficient way of interacting with CBD. The CBD molecules bind with receptors just under the surface of the skin. The result is the quick relief from what is bothering you.

If you are local to Westminster CO, Broomfield CO, Denver CO, and the surrounding areas, Leanna Organics’ balm is the most potent CBD salve near me, and we proudly offer you this earth-based remedy.



CBD salve near me




Our little snuggly companions give us so much joy and unconditional love. Cat’s and dogs are family member and deserve the finest of care and attention when they are not well. With Leanna Organics CBD for cats and dogs, we make it easy to care for your beloved pets with premeasured CBD dog biscuits and CBD oil for pets.

Our ingredients are organic, and our CBD oil for pets is pure and potent.

As a result, your dog or cat will be able to rest, recover and bounce back like new. CBD has a range of benefits, it aids friends who experiencing angst due to separation from their owner, it helps dogs and cats rest better at night, and it helps when they feel discomfort.

For locals to Westminster CO, and the nearby areas Leanna Organics pet CBD is the best choice for CBD for pets near me, and we are honored to bring this plant-based remedy to your pet.



CBD for pets near me



Leanna Organics flagship store is just off the i25 in Westminster, CO. We’ve met people at our store who have driven up as far south as Colorado Springs to see us and as north as Fort Collins. That’s because the i25 connects Northern Colorado to Southern Colorado. It is a main artery of Colorado, connecting North to South, and our CBD shop is conveniently located West of i25, at exit 221.

Have you been to Meow Wolf yet? Meow Wolf is a favorite tourist attraction in Denver, CO. We highly recommend checking out their unique, unforgettable art exhibitions. Driving from Meow Wolf to Leanna Organics is only a 20-minute drive. If you take a train in from the Union Station, it will only be a 20-minute ride to our shop.

If you are a local to Westminster, CO, we are at the Valle Vista Shopping Center on 104th and Federal.