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Daily Self-Care Routine

The Importance of Self-Care:

Taking care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is as essential as hustling hard for your goals and dreams. Prioritizing your physical and mental health is required in order to function and thrive as human beings and sustain the healthiest lifestyle possible. Therefore, developing a self-care routine to fit your schedule and personal needs is the key to having a balanced, beneficial lifestyle. It is important to remember that self-care is more about the small things you do for yourself on a daily basis, like eating fruits and vegetables or drinking lots of water, because they make a big difference when it comes to your overall health. Even the most overlooked forms of self-care, such as eating a balanced breakfast in the morning or getting the proper sleep every night, is key to productivity and happiness


Morning Self-Care:

  • Drink a cold glass of water or hot tea
  • Have a 10-minute meditation session
  • Take a morning bubble bath
  • Practice yoga stretches
  • Eat a nutritious balanced breakfast
  • Burn candles or incense
A healthy breakfast is a great way to start the day.


Stay off and away from technology in the early waking hours of your day. Turn off your notifications, or even completely shut off your phone. Put your electronic devices somewhere you cannot easily have access to. Cover your TV with a blanket as your TV radiates wavelengths that can be distracting and distorting to your vibrational forcefield. Create an environment where you can be at peace and comfort without any excessive or extreme stimuli interacting with your brain. Play binaural beats in the background while meditating and stretching. Put candles in the bathroom while soaking in the bathtub. Eat your breakfast slowly and savor every taste and bite. 

A barefoot walk in nature is grounding.

Afternoon Self-Care:

  • Eat a fruit bowl or drink a smoothie
  • Practice breathwork 
  • Go on a walk in nature
  • Moisturize your skin
  • Bask in the sunlight
  • Dance and sing to music
  • Tibetan singing bowl session


Throughout the daytime, it is best to spend your time outside in the sun as much as possible, as it stimulates serotonin in the brain and helps the skin soak up Vitamin D. Consuming fresh fruit with lots of antioxidants is a mood booster as well, and exercising can release endorphins throughout your body, much-needed chemicals to fight pain or inflammation. 


Nightly Self-Care:

  • Brew chamomile and lavender tea
  • Massage muscles with lotion or oil
  • Meditate with crystals on the body
  • Warm blankets up with a heater
  • Practice slow and steady breathing
  • Listen to binaural beats until asleep
Many spiritual traditions recognize the healing power of crystals.


Add lemon and honey to your tea to help calm the nervous system and boost the immune system. When massaging the body, focus on tensed and stressed muscles the most. Set an intention before meditating with your crystals, and depending on which crystals you are using, place them on the specific chakra(crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root) in order to activate that chakra. While meditating with crystals, listening to binaural beats is recommended. While meditating, focusing on your breath helps relax and soothe the mind, assisting you with falling asleep.

Adding CBD To Your Self-Care Routine:

Even with a self-care routine in action, your body still faces periods of irritation along with negative emotions like nervousness and depression. An attribution to combating these problems is adding and integrating CBD into your daily routine. During the morning, afternoon, and night time, a consumable CBD oil tincture can be added to your tea, and even in your smoothies and fruit bowls. It can even be ingested separately. 

When dealing with skin issues, CBD body cream is recommended for restoring the skin, and even helping with skin conditions like eczema and acne. It works efficiently on most skin types, to moisturize, and reduces the level of discomfort associated with skin disorders. 

Lastly, using CBD coconut oil for a massage after showering is best to release tension and stress after a long day, while also moisturizing and smoothing skin.

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