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Leanna Organics hemp oil is a powerful plant-based formula!


What makes Leanna Organics hemp oil different than other oils is Colorado-grown, third-party tested CBD. Our hemp extracts are the purest and most potent earth-based remedy. We know this because our hemp oils are carefully analyzed by independent third-party labs that ensure you get the strongest, unadulterated, and trustworthy CBD oil available.

Moreover, we test for toxic elements.

Hemp grows in Mother Earth and can pull up hazardous matter into its root system as it grows. Equally as important, all CBD must be processed from plant form to an oil or powder. This synthesizing requires solvents that often leave residual material.

At Leanna Organics, we are obsessed with organic, holistic living.

Therefore, our hemp oil is certified by Proverde Labs in MA to be clear and free of pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. This essential step goes above and beyond regulatory standards and requirements to ensure that our organic CBD oil is the best around!

If you are local to Colorado, please stop by our CBD store in Westminster, CO; our organic offering is made with the freshest essential oils and hemp extracts. We are happy to answer any questions you have about integrating our earth-based solution into your beauty and wellness routine. Grab a free CBD sample and experience for yourself the power of hemp!





“I was so impressed with this product! It was a great way to help ease the tension in my muscles and allowed me to integrate more smoothly back into my daily yoga practice. Now it is my go-to pre-practice supplement!” – Kylie O’Connor.





●        Our oil is available in (3) strengths: 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg hemp oil.

●        It comes in a 1oz bottle (1000mg), and 2oz bottle (2000mg & 3000mg).

●        It has a mild peppermint flavor.

●        Made with 99.99% isolate-based CBD.




●        Hemp oil is an earth-based solution that is gentle yet works well.

●        It is a natural remedy for calmness, discomfort, and restfulness.

●        Our hemp oil is third-party tested to ensure no intoxication.

●        We have the perfect strength no matter what problem you are addressing with 1000mg, 2000mg, and our most potent 3000mg hemp oils.





“I'll never shop anywhere else for CBD! I really appreciate the strength of this CBD tincture. I don't go a single night without a cup of tea this CBD!” – Rae.






At Leanna Organics, we call our plant-based remedy hemp oil or CBD oil. The two terms are interchangeable to us. CBD is the primary active ingredient in most Leanna Organics products, and it is what is changing the world by offering a plant-based and accessible alternative for wellness. CBD comes from hemp; the oil extracted from the plant is rich in CBD compounds. Therefore, calling CBD oil hemp oil is accurate.

Our 1000mg CBD oil offers a 30-day supply of hemp extracts at 33 MG daily. That is a lot of plant-based power daily! However, for people looking for more relief, we offer our 2000mg CBD oil and 3000mg CBD oil. Both provide more hemp oil at a better price to integrate this nature-based solution into your daily life.

Whether you call it hemp oil, CBD oil, or anything else does not matter; what does is that you are consistent and use CBD every day. There is a cumulative benefit when taking hemp oils; the most profound benefits occur daily, everyday use.





“I recently began to have issues that I was having difficulty controlling, and this product helps me when it becomes unbearable. This product helps me rest during the night. Definitely a forever customer!!!”

– Meagan B





Leanna Organics’ artisan CBD shop is an oasis of self-care and wellness. We encourage you to travel the wellness path with us by taking care of yourself with daily self-care and natural CBD products to help you achieve balance. Our hemp oil is made fresh daily in small-scale production, ensuring that you get new and just-produced extracts that haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months or years.

In addition to hemp oils, we also offer a broad line of hemp-infused goodies to help you care for your well-being. Our organic CBD bath bombs are our most beloved product. People travel far and wide to get to our shop to grab one of our powerful CBD bath bombs.

CBD topical salve is an ointment infused with a generous measurement of hemp. People are taking their wellness back into their own hands with our CBD salve, addressing what bothers them without pills that come with unwanted consequences.

Furthermore, CBD gummy is a delicious and guilt-free way to consume CBD. Millions of people now take hemp gummies instead other more harmful options to help them rest and feel calm.

Tons of people come into our shop in Westminster shopping for CBD for pets. Our CBD dog biscuits are tail-wagging treats that dogs love and our CBD oil for pets helps our best friends be calm and less overwhelmed.

Leanna Organics has the highest quality CBD Westminster CO provides, and it is our honor to serve CBD to Denver CO and the surrounding areas!




It is available in 1000mg hemp Oil, 2000mg hemp oil, and 3000mg hemp oil.

All CBD is made from industrial hemp - .3% THC or less

Ships with a third-party certificate of analysis.

30-day Money Back Guarantee.







100% hemp-derived Colorado-grown CBD, organic MCT oil, and organic peppermint flavoring.





Shake well. Fill the dropper up to the desired amount (measurement chart included), lift the tongue, and empty the dropper under your tongue. Wait 20-30 seconds before swallowing. Taking CBD sublingually offers much better bioavailability than through the stomach. The oil can be ingested, though, and CBD has benefits traveling through the digestive tract.





The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding before using any Leanna Organics product.





Use as directed

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Keep out of reach of children








No! Our CBD is free from THC. THC is the compound from marijuana that induces a “high.” When you evaluate hemp vs. marijuana, you learn that hemp primarily contains CBD and marijuana THC. The difference between CBD vs. THC is that THC is intoxicating, and CBD is not. All Leanna Organics’ products are made with industrial hemp that will not produce a high but will make you calm and able to rest better.




We infused a generous measurement of CBD extracts into our hemp oil. Our 1000mg will last 30-days at a serving size of 33 MG per day. In contrast, our 2000mg and 3000mg provide more hemp at a lower cost per milligram. Our 2000mg will last a full 60-days at 33 MG, and if you want more daily CBD, our 3000 MG hemp oil is the way to go and will get you 49 MG for a 60-day supply.




We recommend starting at a measurement of 8-16mg per serving of our CBD oil. Additionally, taking hemp oil multiple times per day is recommended. Consistency is critical when taking CBD oil, so build it into a daily habit. After 1-2 months of consistent everyday use, you will feel the mind and body-balancing benefits that CBD is known for.




At Leanna Organics, we sell both full-spectrum and isolate-based CBD. Our full-spectrum CBD is labeled and marketed as full spectrum. The one on this page is isolate based. The difference between full-spectrum CBD vs. CBD isolate is that full-spectrum has other cannabinoids present. Isolate-based is pure CBD, and cannabinoid levels are 99.99% CBD.


  • 5
    The very best CBD on the planet

    Posted by Danny Peebles on 9th Apr 2022

    I am so grateful for this CBD. It comes fast, and helps keep my mind and body in a state of calm balance. CBD has saved my life and Leanna Organics is the best!

  • 5
    The very best CBD

    Posted by Danny Peebles on 14th Jan 2022

    This CBD is the very, very best I have found anywhere, and at such good prices. Thank you!

  • 4
    Leanna SALVE CBD - 2000 mg tincture

    Posted by Helena on 30th Nov 2021

    I am using only for 1 month - don't know yet hoe much is helping me.

  • 5
    helps so much with mood and sleep

    Posted by Torey on 26th Nov 2021

    I love these oils so much! The strawberry is my go to but peppermint is yummy too. I love the mood and sleep support. I use daily!

  • 5
    The absolute BEST CBD!

    Posted by Danny Peebles on 9th Oct 2021

    I am so pleased with this CBD. It is incredibly high and consistent quality, is shipped incredibly fast, and the company is a pleasure to do business with!

  • 5
    love nectar

    Posted by Delanie Rae on 28th Aug 2021

    The way Cbd works alchemy in my heart > I am absolutely in love with this and recommend to anyone with mental disorders, depression or pain and inflammation in the body.

  • 5
    Fall asleep easier!

    Posted by Azuree on 3rd Apr 2021

    I just started using Leanna Organics last month and I am in love. First off I struggle with nervousness and ptsd so a lot of the time I can feel nervous and nauseous. I take a drop in the morning and I feel so relaxed. Its a relaxation without drowsiness, I could see it helping me with sleep but its more so to calm the thoughts to make me fall asleep easier. Im so excited to see the effects of continuous use, thank you so much for creating products full of love.

  • 5
    extremely effective

    Posted by Anastasia on 2nd Apr 2021

    For two years I've used Leanna Organics tinctures, they have never failed to calm down my nervous system and alleviate anxiety. They've helped me sleep at night during my phases of insomnia, and amplify the relaxed state I'm already in before sleeping. Even at the lowest dosage of 1000mg, it is still extremely effective.

  • 5
    This is liquid love in a bottle..

    Posted by Delanie Yocum on 3rd Nov 2020

    Cbd has truly shifted so much in my life and has allowed for me to completely switch off of antidepressants and medications for pain. I swear by this stuff and advocate CBD to anyone struggling with mental disorders, illnesses, addictions, anxiety or pain anywhere in the body. Cbd is a sacred healer and Leanna Organics delivers the Highest quality CBD I've come across!