The Therapeutic Power of a Massage

Posted by Anastasia Earles, Scott Mollenkopf on 21st Jan 2023

The Therapeutic Power of a Massage


The Therapeutic Power of a Massage


A skin-to-skin, soothing release of tension deep in the muscle is often met with relief and a moment of peace. Stretching out your body after a therapeutic massage is the most freeing feeling, especially after a long day of hard work.

Massages target muscle tightness and trigger points. Tightness is caused by overuse, dehydration, or strain by holding a position for an extended period. Trigger points are tight knots in the muscles that cause pain, which can result in cramping and soreness.

Whether sitting or walking all day, standing tall or hunched over, our bodies endure heavy pressure. Years of stress cause a massive build-up of subtle trauma in our bodies. Without alleviation, we experience aches and pains that last longer, lowering our quality of life and making it difficult to perform everyday movements.

Relaxing our muscles by rubbing the stress out with CBD oil massage oil and therapeutic massage techniques is one of the essential remedies to relieve stress consistently. 

Massages can be performed with fingers, hands, and elbows to counteract muscle tightness and trigger points. At the same time, other simple items for kneading out knots in the body include rolling balls, foam rollers, and percussion massagers. Learning to soothe our bodies is easy with the right tools.

Therefore, what is required would be:


●        CBD massage oil

●        Strong, abled hands (either your own or someone else’s)

●        Or you can use a ball, roller, or percussion massager.


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CBD oil is perfect for a therapeutic massage. It is no wonder that it is the latest wellness craze at massage shops all over the United States. CBD is a soothing and calming compound that helps the body and mind relax. Coupled with a massage, it is the ultimate way to recuperate and mend the body.

Moreover, when mixed with the plentiful benefits of apricot oil, olive oil, and vitamin E oil, it becomes a potent combination of organic oils that support the skin’s natural healing process

Apricot oil assists with skin nourishment, barrier protection, skin cell turnover, and long-lasting hydration, improving skin texture. Olive oil helps with skin moisturizing, detoxification, and healing. Vitamin E oil helps with oxidative reduction, increasing antioxidant defenses, and sustaining skin health.

CBD contains vital nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins, to promote skin health. It soothes skin that has been afflicted by dryness and irritation. These nutrients protect the skin, creating a moisture barrier and smoothing the grain. Thus, the skin isn’t negatively impacted, even with an intense muscle rub and massage.

Med spas have popularized CBD massages because they’re such a potent tool for soothing the body. Adding CBD to the mixture takes it to the next level, improving the massage experience. CBD massage therapy benefits include easing tension, and calmness, nourishing the skin, increasing bodily circulation, and stimulating sensations.





One of the best parts of self-care is self-massage. Nothing beats a therapeutic massage from a well-trained, intuitive masseuse, but it is not as accessible as self-massage.  

There are many benefits to self-massage with CBD massage oil. When self-massaging, you have control over your financial expenses, such as not paying a professional for their time, skill, and expertise. With self-massage, you don’t have to worry about a stranger touching your body. Though a good masseuse will know how to find your trigger points and painful areas of the body, since it is your body, a self-massage can be more straight to the point. 

Results happen when you release muscle knots, tension, and trigger points by massaging the muscle and tissue in which it resides. CBD massage oil can help! CBD is a plant-based remedy that naturally relaxes the body and mind.

Additionally, self-massage with CBD can be more flexible and personalized.

Only have time for a 5-minute shoulder rub? With a little bit of massage oil and the opposite hand, you can release the tension of the day in just minutes without the massage appointment. Do you not feel comfortable allowing another person to touch certain muscle groups? Self-massage will enable you to massage yourself wherever you want and need it.

Self-Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue with the hands through varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements heals the body, releasing tension and stress. Be sure to hit all the major muscle groups and holistically massage your body!




To reap the perks of a CBD therapeutic massage, ensure you rub your body with massage oil before or during the massage. Repeat as many times as needed. The areas below commonly hold stress and tension; be sure that you or the person giving you the massage focuses on these areas.


1.      Head, neck, and shoulder - Begin from the top of the head, placing four fingers at the top and the thumb on the temples. Rub your temples in a circular motion as you put slight pressure with your fingers, pressing into your head. Move from the top to the bottom, increasing or decreasing pressure as needed. Once finished, use both hands (four fingers on the back side and thumb on the front side) to gently grasp the shoulder blades and squeeze. Move back and forth between the back of the neck and shoulder blades.

2.      Lower and Upper back - For this one, you can use another person; if not, a massage ball and either the floor or wall works. Position yourself against the wall or lying down, the ball pressed against the upper or lower back. Move your body up and down or side to side. You can even use circular motions to target tensed areas. On the other hand, if a person is doing the massage for you, guide their hands to high-need pressure areas to rub out the tension.

3.      Butt and Thighs - You can use your hands, massage oil, or a massage ball. Start from your buttock, rub around the tensed/sore areas in a circle, then move down to the hamstring. Work your way to the front of your thigh and squeeze the quad. Use circular and vertical/horizontal motions to cover all areas.

4.      Calves and Feet - Begin at the center of your calf and use your fingers or knuckles to drive in a circle. Travel down your leg until you reach the center of your foot. Use only your thumbs to rub in circles up and down, transitioning back and forth from the heel to the toes. You can stretch and pull your toes to alleviate tension during the massage.

5.      Arms and Hands - Squeeze your biceps and triceps, using your right hand for your left arm and your left hand for your right arm. Slowly move down to your forearms until you reach your hands. Start at the middle of the palm and work your way through each finger and thumb. Stretching and pulling your fingers applies here as well.